I really want a pair of shades to keep the flies out of my eyes on summer  runs. I guess wrap around ones are a good idea. Does anyone have any suggestions for good shades that wont break the bank, don't bounce on your nose and keep out those pesky flies?


  • How about a pair of bolle saftey specs?

    Cheap, light, and you won't cry when you step on them image
  • I got a really good pair of Kuota ones from eBay. Great fit, don't bounce and don't steam up. At around and at around £25 great value. I lost one of the rubber sleeves for the arms and emailed them and they sent me a replacement so service is amazing for a cheap pair of glasses.

    Just upgraded to a pair of Julbo Trail but they where expensive but worth every penny.

  • I've used Sunwise for the last couple of years and to be honest can't really fault them, normally between £20-£35 quid which cannot be bad value especially as they come with several different lenses, many running shops sell them, I got mine from Sweatshop which has branches all over the place...


  • Another vote for Sunwise - do the job great for around £20...
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    And another vote for Sunwise. Cost about £25 from the local Sweatshop. Don't even know I'm wearing them.
  • Thanks playmates. That's great. I'll try the sunwise. At that price who can complain?
  • SqueakzSqueakz ✭✭✭

    Im a big fan of oakley flak jackets, ive got a carbon fibre pair with polarized lenses from the okley custom range which is a little bit more costly than standard glasses but the quality is great. Very pleased

  • Running KevRunning Kev ✭✭✭
    There is a review of shades in this month's RW.
  • I picked up a pair of wraparound shades from a local Sainsbury's last summer for around £15 and they've done the job more than adequately. As long as they have UV protection I'm not really bothered what make they are, as long as they're a decent fit and stay in place while I'm running.
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