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I know there are numerous marathon training schedules but i would like your advice.

 About to sign up for the Salisbury marathon at the beginning of August and wondering how much more training I need to do.

 Currently cycle 60 miles a week, run 3 times with a total distance of 20 miles though 1 session is hil training or intervals and 1 session down the gym & the latter is all i can manage before bordeom sets in.

 My half marathon time is 1:41 and next weekend is the Needles XC half so looking for under 2 hours.

 Apart running a decent long run at the weekend what else should i be doing?

 Ta muchly


  • I think that your focus should be on building up your weekly mileage as much as possible. Bear in mind that at the moment you are running 20 miles in a week and your goal is to run 26.2 miles in a few hours.

    The biggest week should be 3 weeks before the race so you only have 7 weeks. A slow but constant increase in both your total weekly mileage and the length of your long run is what's required. The best way to do this is probably to ditch the intervals and do more miles at a slower pace instead.

    (Why run down the gym in this weather you must be crazy!?)

    Ideally you would run more than 3 times a week, but if you don't want to do that then a longish bike ride would help. If your current 60 miles a week cycling is split over 10 commutes then it is not going to help marathon running much but a long ride at the weekend would be of benefit as an addition to your run training.

  • As Kryten said you should be trying to increase your distances, a little and often. I only did my first marathon back in March, and was only at half marathon distance last autumn. I went about it by continuing during the week with my usual workouts, which was a mixture of x trainer, bike, swimming and a couple of 10 mile runs then at the end of the week just went for the long run to build up the distance. From 13 miles up to 15, did that each week for about a month, then the same at 17 1/2 and the same at 20 miles and in the last few weeks went up to 25 miles, I guess just so that I knew in my head I could run that far before the first marathon. Every time I increased the distance it was quite a push and used to be amazed I had run that far, but soon got used to it. You do not have quite so long however to prepare, so guess you will need to be increasing distance every week or fortnight as opposed to every month. Really good buzz running a marathon though so the training is worth it.
  • CheshercatCheshercat ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the advice.  Time is ticking by and in all honesty i am unsure i will be able to up the distance that quick. 

     Looking at the New forest marathon on septembr instead, think that should give me more time to train.

  • B&Q, have put in to do the New Forest Marathon myself after running the half last year. Am looking forward to it as thought it was a good race. Might see you out there.
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