Help for New Jacket, 2010

This is in no way an advertising plot, but I am involved in a project to develop a new jacket for runners (leisure to pro to commute) and was wondering if I could ask the wider running community for some free advice/help

We are launching a new jacket into this market hopefully end of 2010. The jacket is fully reflective, but under normal daylight, you cannot tell it is reflective, only under car headlights.

Any brand name suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I will never post the name of the company here for advertising but will tell you what name we went with.

Many thanks, Damien


  • I've got a pair of running leggings that are like that.  They look black but are reflective when a light shines on them.


    Oh sorry, did you think you'd come up with something new? image

  • Lol, it was probably bought from the last company I had. The brand and company has been bought out and a new range is being developed for a UK / EU launch later in the year.

     Did the brand name begin with the letter "i"?

  • Nope... it was one of the big running kit manufacturers. I really don't think you've got anything revolutionary.

    Anyway... why should we help you. This is your first post and we don't know you so unless you're offering some sort of prize I suggest you ask some people you know.
  • Appreciated...Good idea, suggestion.

    How about a free jacket when they arrive on UK shores? They will be retailing for around £120.

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    £120?? feck me - a torch and some reflective strips work out a damn sight cheaper...

    JJB were knocking out a hi-viz gilet for a tenner last Autumn and tbh I don't think many people would want to part with £120 for something that can be done much more cheaply and equally as safe

    bar the technology where's the USP at that price?? I don't see it

    this is a bit like the old NASA issue where they spent gazillions developing a pen that would write in gravity free conditions. the Russians kept it simple by using a pencil.

    sometimes you don't need hi-tech to solve a simple problem

    anyway - how about BigGlo? do I win?? image
  • USP is the reflectivity and how it reflects. its all about conspicuous, all will become clear. It certainly doesnt exist in the UK at the moment and the results are blinding.

    Tests by independent test houses have proven a users safety is increased considerably as compared to wearing strips or using a torch.

    Cars do not just come from behind, they come from all angles, even in Russia image Wouldnt it be nice to be fully reflective, from neck to feet, but breathable and stylish, with the ultimate reason being you cannot be any safer.

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    for £120? nope

    ime breathable and running don't mix as the rate of transpiration across the membrane isn't sufficiently high enough to prevent sweat buildup inside which then become uncomfy - I choose gilets and not long sleeve jackets because of this. have you tested the breathability under running conditions???

    and I don't live in Russia.....
  • FB, that Russian pencil story is a bit of a myth.

    Pencils can't be used safely because bits of graphite break off and can get in to electrical equipment or be breathed in.

    Well, according to QI anyway    image

    I agree that waterproof jackets (Goretex etc) are no good for any high activity and most manufacturers take the wrong approach. Instead of preventing the water getting in they should be concentrating on removing the water as efficiently as possible.

    Two (British) manufacturers that realised this and developed the most breathable clothing systems by far are Buffalo with their Pertex Pile and Paramo with their Nikwax analogy. Both pump out liquid water as well as water vapour. Botth can be punctured with no effect on performance. Technically neither is waterproof according to international standards. But Paramo has kept me drier than any other clothing I have ever used in really foul Scottish Winter mountain conditions (hillwalking etc) 

    Unfortunately both are too warm to run in unless it is very cold.

  • damien heaton wrote (see)

    USP is the reflectivity and how it reflects. its all about conspicuous, all will become clear. It certainly doesnt exist in the UK at the moment and the results are blinding.

    Cars do not just come from behind, they come from all angles, , with the ultimate reason being you cannot be any safer.

    If the results are blinding then you are well and truly Fucked whatever angle the car comes from as the driver wont be able to see image
  • Being a little harsh aren't you chaps?  It's quite a polite request.

    I like the sound of the jacket, but £120 is a heck of lot.  It would need to be very smell resistant for that kind of money so that I could use it for years and be washable with normal clothes, ie, with fabric conditioner and not lose any of it's wicking properties.

    As for a name, nothing springs to mind.  Dry glow?  Dry beacon?  Naff I know.

  • I agree with what the others have said.   £120 is too much for a jacket for runners...   I've got two apparently breathable running jackets and both are shite at breathability..  they keep the wind out, but I get home soaking wet on the inside of the jacket fabric.    Plus..  for the 'average' runner here I wouldn't say that this is a particularly bad problem that we'd be willing be spend that kind of money.

    You mind find a more successful market for cyclists..  casual commuter cyclists as well as athlete cyclists.  Visibility in all weathers is more of an issue for them...  even so, the market is already full of such jackets, tabards and gillets...

  • Gore Jackets are about £120 but I would never pay that for a running jacket.

    I have not heard of a jacket yet that is fully waterproof and yet breathable so if this jacket could pull this trick off and have some clever safety system then I may look at spending that kind of money.

    Would be a bit concerned about what it would look like if there was a group and everyone was wearing them.

    As for a name what about Night Runner.

  • I have a pair of tracksters from Ron Hill and a jacket by Viewfrom, they have a special ink pattern which light up in car headlights. So nothing new, but not sure if anything like it is on the market at the moment, £120 is way too high, get it under £50 and you might sell a few.
  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    I have some very good running jackets that are wind proof and breathable. I didn't pay £120. Despite being a tart I would not pay that for a jacket to run in. The 3 jsckets I have came to £60 (sale prices). The amount I wear them warrents it. It does not warrent £120 on a single jacket.

    I really don't think that I'd want a glow in the dark jacket, I'd look like a reject from Sellafield.

    Maybe call it the Windscale?

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