Left arm left leg!...

Am I weird?

When I run my left arm goes forward with my left leg, right arm right leg etc. I have noticed that everyone else I see does it the other way round - left arm right leg.

I would make sense to oppose my arms and legs cos then my body wouldn't have to twist so much and I would be doing less work - prob more efficient.

I tried doing it on the treadmill, but couldn't get it right at all and probably just looked like a big freak!

Does this matter at all?!!


  • Ginger - do you walk like this?

    It seems that you're right in that it's more balanced to have opposing leg/arm combo. Maybe try starting really slowly and building up from there.

  • I had to have phsio to correct this as I developed back problems.

    I was told this was more common amongst people who bottom-shuffled rather than crawled as a baby. Do you also have problems telling left from right?

  • Maybe try not moving your arms, and to start with letting your rump and pelvis rotate in opposite directions. Once that works the arms will follow naturally.

    A running book I have uses what you describe as an exercise to make you aware of how the 'normal' way feels - I tried it and it felt awkward, so I hope you're able to change it!
  • 3TL - just had to walk over to the printer to answer this.

    I walk normally, (but run like a freak!) Maybe it is like surfers, maybe I am just a "goofy" runner.

  • image of you walking to the printer as you're unsure has made me laugh and fall off the chair
  • Oh, I had no idea this was an actual problem.

    My hips were dislocated when I was born, so I had to wear a frame to correct it for the first 3 months of my life. (would have been in a wheelchair now if they hadn't spotted it). I spose this might have some relation.

    I will have to ask my mum if I bottom-shuffled. Don't think I have problems telling right from left!
  • Whoops sorry 3TL! I wanted to make sure I was giving correct information

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