Edinburgh Marathon 2011

I missed out this year as I slipped on ice on boxing day while running and broke my leg. Decided yesterday that I'm signing up for 2011 and roped my sister in to it as well.

Who's joining me at the start line??



  • i will totally be there, kirrie (btw does that stand for kirriemuir)

    do you know when the sign up for next year is??
  • Yep, i'll probably be there next year again!!
  • Entries open on the 1st August according to their website. Kirrie is Kirriemuir!!
  • yeah its first of august but i think you can pre register and they will emind you the day before to register i thinks.

    omg my grandad is from kirriemuir.  i am originally from carnoustie but live in york now.  i met a lady on here from arbroath the other day.my its a small world on this forum

  • I've pre-registered.image
  • Not a chance.

    Got frazzed last year, and again this year.  The chances are I'll get frazzed again next year.  Running Paris 2011 instead.

    Good Luck if you're heading to Edinburgh.  Its a great day!

  • I live in Edinburgh but haven't considerd the Edinburgh Marathon until I watched it at the weekend.  Definitely gonna do it next year, purely for the convenience.  Just did Paris this year, which was amazing btw Carolyn, you'll love it, but nice to do one close to home. 
  • What the date of the Marathon.Anyone knows?
  • You were lucky Jaggy watching on sunday, it was a little hot on the road. I've done Edinburgh 2009/2010 now and it's been hot both times, see you there in 2011.
  • Hey Jaggy ... done a few marathons and as a route is pretty good apart from 15/22 which is really long and not too inspiring.  Flat and fast - weather permitting!!

     Ran Paris in 2008 and loved it - so going back for round 2!x!

  • Yep I think i'll be there.....though am still recovering from the sunburn from this year.... hmmm


  • Airhead - you past the 'never again' stage then?

    Have to say I'll probably be back - despite the heat and organisational problems I enjoyed it. And Edinburgh is a great city for a post-marathon p*ss-up.

    On the subject of sunburn I'm peeling so much I look like Nikki Lauda image

  • I'll most likely be there.  Done the last 3 years so might as well image
    Tempted to actually stay Sunday night as well.  Keep booking Fri/Sat and then driving back straight after the run, which whilst nice to get home, probably isn't the best thing in the world.

    Any way, I do like my Scottish marathons, and it's a nice city.  Really got to get a decent time there as well as it's becoming a matter of male pride now!

    My sunburn is fine.  Obviously my Factor 50 helped save me from burning too much (or having the aircon on in the car to keep the temp from hitting God knows what).  Tiny bit of peeling a couple of days ago but nothing like last year when I could peel A4 sheets off my face (almost).

  • oddly enough, the 'never again' phase didn't last too long. When I'd stopped feeling sick (too much sun - my celebration lasted half a beer then I had to leave an untouched meal - which is unheard of for me, and return to the hotel..image...not pretty!) and my legs had started to function again I started to misshaving something to look forward to. Although it does rest on whether or not my friend's mum has a charity place for London for me.

     I have decided i would like to do 10 Marathons bafore turning 40. I have 9 years to do this so should be possible! And of course I would like to get a better time. I was happy with 5:48 given the conditions, but now I know I can get round I would like to bring that down. And not have to queue for 10 mins to use the loo at mile 3 should help!

     So next I think will be Dublin in Oct....and then Edi or/and London next year!


  • The "never again" thing just never lasts. The euphoric feeling of finishing a marathon with thousands of others makes you wanna do it all over again, but better. Who needs drugs, that's a good high for me. Even the aching muscles, knees, hips and feet are a bit of a giggle especially when you are out that night for celebratory drinks and you see others walking just as oddly as you and you give a nod of respect and acknowledgment. It's all good fun!
  • My aussie factor 30 sun block worked a treat, haven't had any sunburn after Edinburgh! Been for a few jogs this week but went for first proper run this morning, cool and rainy (typical), and really enjoyed it!
  • Yes I'll be back, all being well.

    Just signed up for Angelsey marathon in September and the Cardiff half in October and will be doing Race the train in Tywyn for the 3rd time in August it's such good fun. I'm broke now so have to stop looking for more races to have a go at.

  • I'll be doing it unless i get in London.

    Got to do better than this years dissapointment!

  • This year was my first marathon, was hoping for sub 4 but came in at 4.16.58, I'm putting it down to the heat.

    I've put my name in the hat for London but will prob do Edinburgh as little chance of me and my mate getting into London. I'm hoping to do two marathons next year. 

    Edinburgh was excellent and I now want to break the sub 4. 

    I've pre registered image 

  • Sandra - what's Anglesey like? Like others who did Edinburgh this year think I could have done better but for the heat and so am looking for an autumn marathon.

    Will be at Edi 2011 - it can't be that hot again next year (although that's what the 2009 runners saidimage) and Edinburgh is a great city for a weekend away. Scott S - would definitely stay the Sunday night Edinburgh has some fantastic pubs and my favourite part of the weekend was watching people in their blue marathon t-shirts hobbling up to Edinburgh Castle on Monday morningimage

  • Edinburgh - Great City

    Edinburgh Marathon - THE worst organised marathon on the planet!

    Done it two years running and gave them the benefit of the doubt after 2009 but 2010 was even worse. I could go on for ages about everything that was bad about it but after a poor show in 2009 they decide to add more runners and a half marathon for good measure. I think the organisers should just try and stage a successful marathon first.

    Anyway I have decided to get married on the Edinburgh weekend next year as it guarantees glorious sunshine and 80 degrees +

    And as for 'flat and fast' don't be fooled. It is undulating and uninspiring at best.

    But don't let a miserable sod like me put you off - try it for yourself image

  • Just done the Edinburgh Marathon myself, my first and I really enjoyed it.

    The only big negative for me was the bus service afterwards...walking best part of 2 miles after running 26 miles is just not good enough.

    Thank god they never ran out of water this year and the residents were just excellent image with their hose pipes and water jugs for us poor runners.

    Got the Marathon bug now so booked Dublin in October and thinking about doing Galway at the end of August (I live in Dublin) ! 

  • R Dave my thoughts exactly, if I don't get in the VLM I will do it again with the sole ambition of going around in under 4, felt unlucky with the weather and finishing just 8 minutes out at 4:07, congrats on the wedding plans, are you actually getting wed on the marathon weekend?

    Would love to appear at the reception for a swift one to wish you both all the best donning my wispa gold!!!


  • I managed to finish the Edinburgh Marathon this year.  Being my first marathon I will not complain about my disappointing 5hrs 22 mins although I am now determind to go back in 2011 and kick Edinburghs butt! 



  • Good for you Diane, what was your 2010 target?
  • 5.22 isn't disappointing, at least you finished it, well done!!! image I was 5.17 for Edinburgh in '07 and 5.40ish in Dublin last year. Hit the wall at mile 21 and took 2 hours to finish it!! My 'never again' lasted 2 months. Think it was the wall smacking that started the 'never again'.

    Anyone know when the marathon is?

  • Kirrie - thanks I couldn't believe how much I loved the whole day it's was so good. The people of Edinburgh were great too.
    My 'never again' was during training. As soon as I complete the actual race and knew my time, I knew I was doing another to beat it.

    Phil - my target was an greatly under estimated 4.30 The sun killed me and I recieved an injury for the last 4 miles but even so I lost my target time way before then.

  • Di3,

    The temps hit everyone really badly, I was after sub 4 but limped in at 4:07, which tbh was a minor miracle. imageYou will undoubtedly crack it next time around, I am reasonably confident I will at the Moray Marathon in Sep.

  • Phil

    Sept? Another one this year...are you a serial marathoner?

    I loved the day although not sure I'm willing to put up with that training schedule more than once a year. The long runs on my own killed me and nearly my love for running. I also love playing sports and had to give alot of it up for the last couple of months body was tired tryin to do it all.

    You have a lot more determination than I do. Having said that I'm not aiming for 4.30 next year but 4.15 and I will do it not I know what I'm up against.


  • Diane,

    I sort of made a decision after losing some weight (25 pounds) ahead of my daughters wedding Apr 2009, after doing that I needed an incentive to keep the good work up, I had always threatened to run a marathon and decided this was a way of keeping the momentum up, once I had completed the Loch Ness marathon last year I knew that I needed to make a deeper commitment than that so I promised myself that I would complete 2 per year which would ensure I am more or less constantly training for one. the real trick of course is entering early and committing the money so sort of locking myself into the whole thing. It's not that hard but not easy either image Hope you now understand my rationale - and yup I'm probably certifiable!!!

    All the best

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