Foot pain from heel to little toe

what can this be?

 this pain came on last night for no apparent reason, the best way I can describe it is almost like severe cramp from the little toe down the side of the foot to where the arch joins the heel.  It's incredibly painful and can hardly walk on a flat foot.  I haven't been running for weeks and can't think of anything I have done to trigger it.  

  will wander off to the hobble in clinic if it's not much better tomorrow, but has anyone else experienced this? 


  • I have the same pain in my left foot. It feels like with every step my foot from my 2 little toes down to the base of the heel is being ripped apart. Was walking with a limp last night at work, woke up this morning and the pain is worse. The only comfort is to walk on my heel. I have not done anything physical in a while but I am on my feet for 10 hours a night at work.

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