Ouch - that really hurts!


 I've recently started uping my distances (well, over 10k!) and am getting seriously sore nipples! I've used vasaline but am worried about using plasters on them as I've a right hairy chest!

 What do you suggest ppl? I dont noticably run rubbing across my chest so not sure how this is happening or how to solve it?




  • Plasters, hairy chest or not.  The brief pain of removing them is far less significant that days of pain of sore nipples.

    You could also get a better running top.  I now use the Nike Pro Dry-Fit compression stuff and don't get any trouble.

  • My friend used to use the rubber patches you put on corns on your feet. They seem to be less cause of irritation when you start sweating appearently.

     A rare moment of female advantage .... at least our sports bra protects us from getting rubbed raw image

  • Hi guys, thanks for the responses!

     Hywel - thats the top I use, I refuse to run in cotton tshirts etc

    Between the 2 answers I think I need to have a little trial and error over various plasters, wooo!! lol

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    having tried many methods over the years, by far and away the best method bar compression clothing that HJ suggests (that's fine in winter but too hot in summer) is to use some tape called Strappal. this is the tape used by physios to strap sports injuries and is stickier than sticky stuff so stays put whereas lesser tape will sweat off.

    you can get it in 1cm width and it tears off (fabric backed) so easy to apply. and a bugger to get off if you have a hairy chest like mine! but I'll take a small amount of hair tearing than shredded nips any day

    the other good product is Nipguards but they are very expensive in comparison to Strappal

  • As long as Im not the only one in this boat!!

    I suppose the pain of losing a few hairs definatly outweighs the pain I had this morning!! Thanks for the advice!

  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭

    baselayer normally stops chafing - first time I've heard of it not image

    backup plan would be micropore tape - Tesco's cheapo own brand on short runs cos it's not very sticky, and proper expensive super-sticky surgical stuff from the chemist for longer runs
    either way, the plan is that the tape is loosening up nicely by the time you finish, so shouldn't take many hairs with it image

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