Cotswold Way Relay

I put my name in for my club team not realising quite how mad this event is! Just wondering if any other forumites are doing a leg? I am on leg 5 which finishes at Ebley Mill, Stroud - thats if I don't get lost! Which I probably will!

If anyone is doing the leg which finishes at the Old Spot car park in Dursley its a great pub!!


  • I'm on leg 5 too. Did it last year and got lost only 1/2 mile from the end - the 3 or 4 people I'd worked hard to lose all came past. Grrrr! Still it's a good leg to run and a great event. The Old Spot is at the end of Leg 6 isn't it?
  • yep Old spot is at the end of leg 6. My club organises this. I did leg 7 last year (starting up that hill in Dursley yikes!) and am doing it again this year. Did a reccie on the route before the race last year, and thank goodness - it's only 7ish miles and it took us over 2 hours because we got lost in the woods.

    Great fun race though - you can try to lose your competitors if they start to follow you and you know there's a sharp turn coming up...
  • Oh dear, I was banking on following other competitors!! I'm not fast and am bound to get lost if I'm out in the middle of the Cotswold Way all on me todd!!

    How long did leg 5 take you Shoelace?
  • Think there are about 50 teams entered happyrunning, so you should have someone to chase.
  • happyrunning, you should think about doing a recce of the route in advance if you can. Last year I didn't get a chance to do one cos I was switched from leg 1 at the last minute and was very lucky not to get lost several times. I had to stop a couple of times to ask the way to Stroud...

    BTW, I think I got round in about an hour and a half last year. Should be able to beat that this year now that I know the way!
  • I don't stand a chance of fitting in a recce so I'm hoping someone in the 50 teams is as slow as me!!

    Otherwise, I will just enjoy the beautiful Cotswold views!!
  • So, how'd it go Shoelace?

    I'm thrilled to have finished in 1:53; only got tiny bit lost towards end couldn't work out how to get accross to canal so came in on main road and entered Ebley Mill from wrong side!! Organisers v understanding!!

    Wasn't it hot?!
  • Funnily enough I noticed you coming from the wrong direction cos you were accompanied by Liz, my wife! I loved the logic which said if someone's written "this is not the Cotswold Way" on a way-marker it must be the right way! But having gone wrong, it was genius to find your way to the finish at all.

    I love the CWR because you never know which direction to look for incoming runners. The two of you announcing your arrival to the startled-looking officials was hilarious.

    I was really pleased with my run. Thought I'd gone off too fast cos I was up with the leaders for about the first mile. Managed to get into 3rd place by the top of the hill and then ran scared all the way to the finish. Ended up in 1.21 so about 6 mins faster than last year - makes a difference when you know where you're going.

    Still buzzing from the day - I love it!
  • Sounds great fun, might try to get the infamous Team Royal Mail up for the outing in 2004.

  • I'd strongly recommend it. It's organized by Bath City AC. I think there might be a limit of 50 teams which was reached this year so be sure to get in touch with them in plenty of time.
  • Wow what a run shoelace!

    That is so funny that I was running with your wife for those last miles!! It was great to meet her!
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