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Probably a bit to late to ask for advice as have already bought these trainers. Got myself a set of Asics Gel-Kayano 16 & a set of Asics Gel-Nimbus-11 today. They look  part and think they will be comfortable to run in but wonder if any one had used these and has any product feedback???


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    You've bought 2 completely different types of shoe.

    The Kayano is a moderate support shoe for over-pronators and the other is a neutral shoe.
  • Probably my mistake for just going to a regular sports outlet and buying what  I thought looked the part. Never looked into the pronation of trainers before. Just used to use a couple of pairs old New Balance in the past, that never cost more then £35 a pair. These served me well for my first couple of Marathons. But thought I would treat myself to some new ones, so opted for the models listed above.  One of the pairs is for using in the gym, the other is for general running. I hope I bought well, because they were not cheap.
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    FF is right opposite types of shoes.

     Take them back to shop tell them you need to identify your running style and if they can do that then ask to swap the shoes you don't need for the pair you do. If they cannot tell you your running style tell them you want to return both sets

  • Think you are right. Sort of already knew I needed to sort out my running style before deciding what trainers to buy. Will take the trainers back first thing tomorrow and then go to a shop that does video analysis, then get a couple of pairs after that. Nearest shop to me will be Alton Running.
  • Funny this thread should crop up this week ...I have been running for approx 7 years and when I started had my gait analysis at Sweatshop ...and have been running in the Asics 2000 series for all this time ...every now and then I got to Sweatshop for a new pair and always come away with the Asics 2000's.

    This week whilst up in London for an interview I had a bit of time to kill so popped over to the Asics store and paid £5 for their gait analysis and that I would pretend I've never run before as I was interested if they came up with the same result ...what a can of worms they have now opened when they told me I'm Neutral and that I should be running in Asics Nimbus.

    What to do now? ...I think I'll stick with the 2000 series though as they've never caused me any probs!
  • Generally I'd say 2 things about trainers:

    Get gait tested, and follow their advice.

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I'd stick with the 2000 series if they've caused you no probs.

  • eghamR,

    The asics store my well be right. Alot can change in your running style over 7 years. When you first started running 7 years ago particular muscles may have been weak causing the biomechanics problems. Over the last 7 years with regular running, cross training, gym work or whatever you may do will have strengthened your legs and as a result alter your biomechanics.

    My gait has changed alot over the last 5 years due to loosing weight, getting strongers and leaner.

    Hope this helps

  • Agree with what people have said above. Main one is that if the shoe you're using works then stick with it. God knows I've spent many frustrated hours and £s trying to find new shoes when the makers change or discontinue the ones I'm in.

    Also agree that your gait and therefore shoe type can change over time. When I first started (many years ago) I wore motion control/stability shoes. Over time I've got fitter and now wear neutral shoes, albeit at the more stable end of the neutral category.

    I have a good friend who used to run at a very high level but dislocated her knee so had to have a lengthy layoff. During this time, her very high arches visibly dropped, presumably as muscles and tendons went out of condition.
  • Shaw Pye/Recovery Runner ...thanks for the advice not something I'd considered ...just assumed your gait was your gait for life I said a can of worms has been opened ...I will be getting down to Sweatshop for a second opinion! ...and praying my 2050 are still Ok as they have a lot of life left in them ...don't fancy forking out for a new pair of Nimbus!
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