It's that time of year again... Eurovision Song Contest

*passes popcorn* image


  • I really dont know if I can be arsed !
  • evening

    popcorn did someone say

  • It's not quite the same with Graham Norton as voice over but hey... I'm having a lazy night.  It's always been a fun forum thread the last couple of years... image
  • Loony image

    Same faces every year... image  *munches*

    There's a bar of Green & Blacks as well...

  • ooooh ta

    *helps self to chocolate*

    it's a tough choice tonight, this or x-factor image

  • I am going to have to turn over from Coast aren't I ?
  • ...mmm interesting presenters...  his hair looks like a toupe...
  • Was Graham serious? They picked a Eurovision semi-spectacular in place of the World Cup?

    Can I have some popcorn please? image

  • Azerbaijan...

    "you are my man, tell me wot's happening?" image

  • Great opening song championing her cultural heritage...

  • sweet or salty Sara? image

  • psml what'ds with the blokes dancing
  • PMSL at the dancing dude... with his painful expression and the goatee... image
  • The lights on her dress remind me of the film Tron
  • And now for "something tiny"... apparently... image
  • pain gets my vote

    edit - sorry missed the inital S, but I think I wa right first time

  • omg
  • umtata umtata umtata....


  • OOh looki....Leo Sayer's singing in a funny language
  • *fiddles with remote to get the lyrics*
  • i think i have inadvertantly taken some mind altering drugs
  • Usual quality stuff - glad to see standard's haven't dropped.  And the Beeb wheeled out all the old ex-winners (did we win any)?

    Ouch - this is painful image

  • Nam wrote (see)

    sweet or salty Sara? image

    Sweet please image

    I thought he looked like Leo too image

  • Ouch!!!!!!!! image
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