Ropsley 6

I ran in this local 6 miler last night
I ran ok & came 3rd.

but nevermind that, the remarkable thing is that the first 'lady' was an 11 year old kid who ran just over 39 minutes.
Even more remarkable is the fact that the course was actually almost 6.1 miles & was undulating to say the least.
apparently she ran 42 minutes last year when only 10.

Does anyone know if this is a record time, I know it's not an officially measured course but the 10k equivalent would be 40:00 give or take a few seconds.

Talk about potential! at that rate she'll be neck & neck with paula in 3 years time :)


  • SkidpanSkidpan ✭✭✭
    Blue is a very good runner isn't she. I hope she doesn't overdo it at an early age and burn out.
  • i ran last night and felt it was a hard race. It was a shock to see such a young kid running that sort of time on a hard course. The worst thing being she didn't look half as tired as i felt.
  • Time to retire
  • Blue is pretty awesome isn't she? I knew when I read Mark's posting, it had to be her. Didn't get to Ropsley, as car is in the garage broken down again.
  • SkidpanSkidpan ✭✭✭
    Broken down again?
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    What happens to young kids like that then, if she was a footballer she's be linked to an academy etc
  • Reliant on the dedication of her parents, and coaches that are giving their time for free and no financial reward.

    Skidpan, sort of broken down again/problem not properly fixed the first time.
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