Fritton Lake

Hi All,

I'm up in Lowestoft over the weekend (4th-6th) visiting the outlaws and was thinking of popping over to Fritton Lake for a swim on Saturday.

Anyone been over there this year? What? Where? When? How much? Is the water warm up there yet?

220 report new Saturday sessions for 2010 but link to 'ActiveSomethingWhatever' has been broken last few tries. There's a phone number which I will try during the week but just thought I'd ask in the mean time

If not there is there anywhere else close by worthy of a dip?

... oh and while I think of it ... I'm with an affilliated club but as yet not BTF registered .. Would that be a problem? Affililliation alone is ok at my local lake but never been elsewhere

Thanks in advance



  • I swam there last year in the fritton tri. Other than that there are plenty of 'broads' but I don't know how swimable they are. And there is always the sea ?

    Any locals any ideas ?
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