starting back after a baby



  • Mine is from 3 months. I don't know of any from 6 months!
  • Chromey, is that a babyjogger?  I used my babyjogger from 5 months as that was what was advised.  Babies need to have good muscle in their necks to cope with the motion and its about that time they have matured enough.
  • Ah. No, mine is a somethingorother lite! It's very hammock-like.

    Not suitable for newborns as it doesn't lie flat, but can be used from 3 months.

    If this one ends up anything like my (at the mo) youngest, she'll be holding her own head up after a few minutes after birth so it's not an issue image lol.

    It's great for bingo wings is it not? Pushed my three year old in one the other day and I felt like I could take out Mike Tyson afterwards.
  • Lol, my little man is 2 and feels the same!  Damn good workout image
  • Thanks Ladies! Think I will wait until he is 5 months (corrected age) or so to be on the safe side - looking forward to the workout!
  • Yes this would be off very initial stage to get that but you keep trying this thing..One thing i would suggest you that this would infect your <a href="">Middle Ear Infection"</a> so be careful of it.

  • Post pregnancy it took me a couple of months to get back into exercise and I built up slowly. I wore a soft supportive bra or a support top from but really you have to judge your own energy. I ate a ton of food whilst breastfeeding and didn't put on much as my baby was feeding a lot. 

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