Lake Vyrnwy Half

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What an excellent race. The organisation's good, the course is excellent, scenic and very fast and I've just hammered my PB from 1:48:00 (set here last year) to 1:41:40.

As far as I can tell there's only one improvement the organisers could make and that would be to use bottles not cups at the water stations. This was a big well supported event with people comeing from quite some distance - surely one of the Welsh mineral water companies could sponsor.

Anyway, (minor) gripe over, let me just say again, it was a fantastic race, both generally and for me!


  • Well Andrew - what a result!! Yes it isa fab course isn't it - shade from the burning sun all the way round. And yes the cup were hopeless - I nearly drowned the first one I tried it went straight up me nose!

    I might raise this with Decantae although the organisers were using bottled water - just not small bottles!

    Well done again
  • well done matey !
  • Wee done Andrew - a cracking run.

    I agree that its a great event, although I was caught out a bit at the start (still working my way through the crowd at the back when the race started) I managed to get 1:31:11, six minutes better than last year - not a pb, but the best for 18 months.

    But the best thing is that its so friendly and low key for a fairly large event, and meeting so many forumites .
  • Sorry about that Andrew that should read WELL DONE ( I don't want to get into bladder function)
  • Hi Cecilia,

    Didn't see you at the end - how was it for you?
    I waddled in at 1:42:42 which isn't too bad for a 51 year old plodder!
    Could have done better if I had brought my Arab mare, Sadie - she would have got me through!
    Really enjoyed the run and, like everyone else, would have expected better drinking facilities from Severn Trent. But I was well impressed with the medals.
    Macclesfield half in a fortnight?
  • I agree. A great race. I drove all the way from Surrey for a chance to run a fast, flat and scenic 1/2 and it was well worth the trip (stayed sat night at a local B&B). I took 6 mins off my PB. 1hr39:35 (Bath 2002) down to 1hr33:39. I diffinately enjoyed the last mile, all downhill. A reward for having to run up it for the first mile.

  • I haven't had much experience of races, but yesterday was the second year I've done the Lake Vyrnwy half. Drove up from Surrey in the morning and back again afterwards (shared the driving with my girlfriend).

    I finished in 1:42 something - didn't notice how many seconds as I was sprinting flat out because I found some energy from somewhere! My previous PB was 1:53 at Windsor, which I'm hoping to better in two weeks time.
  • Well done Dan! You finished in 1:42:17. You can see the results on - they organise the race. What a long drive - I'd only come from Shrewsbury - but it was a really terrific race.

    I broke my PB from last year too - to 1:31:33 from 1:39:42, largely by doing the RW programme. I was a bit late arriving as I had borrowed a Freelander and because it's 4 wheel drive they made me park in a field where the only space was at the top of a very steep hill - as it was the first time I'd ever driven it it was just a tad scary, especially when I turned the wheel to park and the car tipped sideways. Getting back down was even more interesting...

    I met Haggis (how could you miss him?!) and FatFace - FF's picture is very lifelike! Sorry Oldbones I was late - said parking difficulty largely responsible.

  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭
    Wow - I thought I was doing well to knock 6 mins off.

    I'm sure you'll do well at Windsor. I have fond memories of that race as it was my first half marathon in the modern era (I did do one many years ago, bad experience, no training, own fault, didn't run a yard for the next 6 years!!!)

    We must have been there or thereabouts at the finish as my clock time was 1:42:10. While you were sprinting I was definitely struggling. I was wearing a delightful burgundy/silver grey diagonally striped vest.
  • Thanks guys! The burgundy and silver vest does ring a bell actually!

    Windsor was my first Half too, when I was about 19 (6 years ago) - did it two years on the trot with hardly any training and got about 2:08 both times.

    About a year and a half ago I decided I'd try to do it properly and I've been training much harder since, so I'm on cloud nine at the moment knowing the training is paying off!

    Still need to do more longer runs though - I've only been doing about 5.5 miles once or twice a week at most! I'm doing the Nike 10k this Sunday, but I think I might carry on running to make it about 10 miles!
  • SY3 - sorry we missed you. I met Shattered Shins, Long Distance Badger, Johny, Fat Face, Haggis. Look at all these other forumites there and we didn't know about them! I hadn't got a clue what time I started. I was at the back of the line and didn't here the start and didn't see a start line so didn't know when to start my watch. When I crossed the finish line the official clock said 2:00:17 but on the website my official time is 2:01:52, how does that work then? A great day though and will definitely do it again.
  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭
    I'm a bit confused by the start/timing too. I couldn't see an actual 'Start' line so started my watch when I passed the 'Give Way' sign. As far as I could tell that's where the starter was. Then when I crossed the line, I'm sure the clock said 1:42:10 but my official time is 1:42:25 or something. So what does this leave me with? 3 different times, none of which I'm absolutely convinced about, all of which are at least 5 mins faster then my old PB
  • I was fairly near the start - the start was a whistle. There was no warning but someone told me that the race might start a boit late because of all the traffic still coming into the village. I was actually retying my shoelaces! I don't recall a start line as such. Clearly an area for improvement next year.

  • Well done everyone, you all seem to have got pb's and enjoyed the run in the process. It's one I might try to target in the future.
  • Hilly - flat course, downhill finish, stunning scenery, how could you not join us?

    SY3 - just before the scheduled start we heard through word of mouth that the start would be delayed 10 mins because of the traffic causing late arrivals. The next thing I know we're running and its not even 5 mins late!!
  • Well done all - I'm definitely adding it to next years diary it sounds great - who knows I might even be upto a half by then!
  • Oldbones - I had exactly the same problem, I was still working my way through the back of the crowd when the runners in front started moving - didn't hear a whistle!

    It was good apart from that though.
  • Well I had a right funny old day on Sunday. It started off really well ie. I picked my clubmate up at 9:45 as planned (Mrs Fat Face decided not to run). That is about as good as it got!! We set of down the A483 travelling south, away from Chester, merrily nattering away about what happened on the stag night on Friday, me driving, Tony navigating. We joined up with the A5. When we reached Shrewsbury, Tony realised that we should have turned off the A5 about 15 miles previously. Still, not to worry, we had plenty of time. We did eventually arrive at 12:15 and parked in a field with rather long grassy tufts sticking up, right in the corner, down by the river. Smashing place for a picnic it was. Bumped into Haggis outside the community centre (he was unmistakeable as he was wearing the URWFRC vest with Haggis on it). SY3 came over and introduced himself, Shattered Shins found us on the start line. The weather was lovely, the banter was great. This is going to be a good day, I thought.
    The race started (apparently) and off we went. Mile 1 was slowish, mile 2 quicker, mile 3 quicker still. I was now feeling very comfortable at 8.5 min/mile which would have got me to the finish in around 1:45/1:50. Then I decided to wipe the sweat from my forehead and something went crack in my upper back/neck area. The pain stopped me in my tracks. I was in agony but foolisly I reckoned it would loosen up as I ran, but it didn't - it just got worse until my mile times slowed to 10 min/mile. I suppose I should have stopped and waited to get picked up the recovery vehicle but I reckoned that I could run back quicker. I reached the finish in 1:56:31 (1:57:18 officially) and then bumped into Oldbones. Sorry OB if I wasn't a bundle of laughs, by this time I just felt sick. Tony had to drive me home because I couldn't move my head. Mrs Fat Face was absolutely livid with me for being so stupid and carrying on running (she's a physio you see). The problem was quickly diagnosed as a muscle spasm by my Doctor on Monday who gave me Diazapam and some anti-inflam's, so by Tuesday it had eased off considerably. To cap it all off though, it appears that I had mistakenly wore Mrs FF's number so my name wasn't even in the finishers list. Still, it was a PW so that was nice.
    The only good thing about the whole day was that Mrs FF now appears to have a new PB!!!

    Well done everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the day. I will have another go at it next year.
  • Johnny - just think what your time would have been if you'd started on time!!

    Fat Face - a shame about your experiences as overall it was a really ggod day. Glad to hear the neck's improving and good luck with the wedding. Did I hear that you're doing New York too?
  • Well done everyone - I didn't spot anyone from the forum but managed my best time for 17 years and only 10seconds outside my PB (which was actually a bit gutting). It was a fantastic race but I was a bit peed off by the chaos at the start, I think that's where I lost my 10s. Does anyone have any experience of the marathon there in the spring? I suspect a smaller field and 2 laps could make it mind-blowingly boring?
  • cealceal ✭✭✭
    Hi Di, I am sorry we did not make contact at the end. For me it was the first half marathon for 17 years, I started running agin this time last year after quite a few years rest and a bad skiing accident. I loved the course except for the last hill up in the downhill bit on the way home. Your time was good, I was frustrated not to break the 2 hour barrier, I did 2 hours 01. However, that got me first in my age group 60-64. so I was well pleased. 17 years ago I did a time of 1 hour 39, never to be repeated I guess, due to the pending years.
    I agree with everyone about the start and about the water stations, I do not get on with plastic cups, I nearly choke if I try. Hence I carry my own water bottle, was I stupid or what, I usally carrry quite happily 500mls of sports drink, but for some reason only known to my 'other' self I took 750mls out with me. I think this was too heavy to carry, and maybe what slowed me down.
    All in all I think a good day was had by all in a VERY beautiful part of Wales.
  • Fat Face -I'm so sorry - I had no idea this had happened to you. Bad Luck - hope you're necks OK for the weekend and Look forward to seeing you there next year - if not somewhere else this year (BTW do you kow of any flat 1/2M's in the North West round about late Dec / January?)

  • Helsby - 19/1/2003. Not flat but with a course record of 1:04:36 it is not hilly either. Greaqt course, lots of country lanes and farmyard smells.

    Check out

    Neck is much better now. May try a little run tonight.
  • Bugger the run, what about the wedding?

  • Penfold, you asked about the full marathon, run in June. It has been going for just two years with just under 200 competitors each time. Hopfully the numbers will pick up as the years go by. I was told by the owners of the B&B I stayed at that everyone got bitten loads by the midges at this years race.

  • Thanks Fat Face - have entered today!

    Have a good one!
  • Thanks Bakerboy - if I enter I'll take some mozzy repellant
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