Going Commando...


I was wondering if people tend to wear underwear beneath their running shorts when they run marathons?

Or do running shorts by themselves offer (erh, how should I put this...) adequate support when running?


  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    wouldn't you like to know ;o)

    i only wear undies for shorts without the netting inside.....so usually go commando.
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  • I go cavalry; it's similar to going commando but my shorts tend to ride up a bit.
  • I prefer a supportive undergarment - I subscribe to the idea of a place for everything and everything in its place.
  • Don't ask me i'm a girl
  • I go commando under my short tights and they hold everything where it should be. On a long run I recommend vaseline in your crack to avoid chafing.
  • I think DavidB has hit upon one of my two concerns: an unrequested public guest appearance by my best friend...

    Also I'm worried that the swinging might affect my stride...

  • Dr Cathy,

    Why not? It would spice up my morning, if nothing else!
  • Do you just want man answers?
  • not sure as im a bint!

    need a sports bra though if that helps u!
  • Commando everytime please!
  • Ballini me too ii've got a dead "glam" ONE MAKES THE nct NURSING BRAS LOOK POSITIVELY SKIMMPY. Whoops just noticed i'd got caps lock on didn't mean to shout
  • Well if ladies are answering too then commando, can't be doing with bunched up sweaty knicks.
  • (DB blushes, coughs apologetically, and leaves in a state of heightened sexual frustration)
  • Dr Nic don't you get chaffed?
  • wot d u mean bunched up, Dr Nic??
  • No, not at all. Not sure why, but no I don't.
  • Commando too
  • try running across the rural area I live going commando and the term balls and monkeys comes to mind!
  • Just bunched up knickers William! (Dr Nic starts to look a bit embarrassed) Just if they ride up/down/move about and are all sweaty - just an extra layer you don't need.

    Cycling shorts a different matter - need all the layers I can get.
  • Where *is* DavidB?!
  • I suppose I will just have to experiment down my local gym.

    If I don't post again it will be because I've been carted off by the rozzers on an indecent exposure charge...
  • Just tuck it in your sock, that's what I do.
  • I think with baggy shorts its a different story but tight shorts you just dont need it
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    chaps have problems with going commando in lycra as it tends to profile the nethers a bit - there are tendencies to get stared at and frighten the young girlies. So I wear tight fitting trunks under the lycra
  • On another thread someone suggested sewing a sock inside your shorts to store useful items whilst running - now I understand what they meant!
  • haha
  • Dr cathy, yeah, sports bras are not fetching are they? i wear a thong under gym gear, and nowt under cycle gear - shouldnt with a shammi anyway!
  • have had to stop on a ride though to adjust myself though
  • Ballini - v unhygienic apparantly! (thong whilst exercising I mean) Like a little tight rope for the minging germs to crawl along.
  • wot a lovely picture dr nic
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