Rutland Water Marathon

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  • Hi RK,

    I saw you running past my house on Sunday so I assume you are getting fit and well again. Is this race in your sights still? When will you be back down the club?


  • the race is fully booked image

  • anyways i can charm myself a placeimage
  • Anyone got a place that they no longer want?  Thanks.  Mobile 07757003821
  • Anyone else having problems contacting "Fat Feet"? No luck with email & the website doesn't have a telephone number. If there is anyone out there that could cut & paste this message to them, I would be very grateful please:

    "Although I live in Hampshire, I'm currently staying in Newark as my father is very ill in Boston Hospital after having a leg amputated. With visiting times not starting until 2:00pm each day, I have found that running helps clear my mind albeit for a short time. I recently ran the "Spires  Steeples" marathon from Lincoln to Sleaford in 3:53  before driving to the hospital & was wondering whether you still had space for the "Rutland Water Marathon" please? Unfortunately I have to take each day as it comes but it would be good to take part in your run prior to going to Boston. It would also be my 12th marathon this year. No doubt there will be a number of "no shows" on the day. I'm not bothered about a tee-shirt or medal".

  • I have sent fat-feet a mail to say that I can no longer do the marathon and have asked about transfer of entry but they replied back saying that they do not do this. I then asked about refund of entry but surprise, surprise have since received no reply. They (Fat-Feet) operate a reserve list so people that want to run have to go on this.
  • Ian - In that case, are you interested in selling your place to me? Let me know.  Thanks.  mobile 07757003821
  • ...or if anyone else cannot take part........ (Fat-Feet have emailed to say entries have closed with no mention of a reserve list)........ please contact me on:

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