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I've been running with Asics shoes (2040/50/60/1070) for a number of years and have been satisfied with their comfort and the fact that I've yet to experience injury. However the thing that bugs me is the rate at which the outsole wears. Not 200 miles and I'm looking at 1/4 inch wear at the heel.
Granted at 12.5st I'm a reasonably heavy runner for this type of shoe, but is their a suitable (ie similar) stability type alternative that provides greater durability. Any runners made a satisfactory switch? Please dont recommend any motion control monsters - nothing but problems for me.


  • I would stick with Asics if you have yet to experience injury! I have used Asics in the past and would say their wear rate is fairly good compared to various other makes I have used.
  • I've used Asics quite a lot, and found them more durable than average. And quarter of an inch of the outsole in 200 miles does seem quite quick - I would guess that that would be almost all the way through the outsole layer.

    Is the wear even when you compare your shoes? Is there anything about your gait which might be contributing to it? Once, when I was favouring an injury, I developed a slight shuffle in my gait - and this resulted in much quicker wear in one shoe.
  • donutto
    I've just examined my 1070s. The wear is even in that it is in the same position on each shoe, namely the outer heel, and yes the outsole is beginning to show. The left foot has slightly less wear than the right. Across the rest of the sole, wear is only minimal, maybe I do have an odd gait!
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    most people tend to wear out the outer edge of the heel whatever their gait, as that is where most people land as they are running.

    Might be worth looking at Saucony or New Balance, but to be honest I agree with David - if you have found something that works for 99% of what you need, and the wear is the only problem, stick with the Asics unless you are having a real problem.

    Asics are a good quality brand and the shoes you run in are designed to cope with high mileage. you are likely to struggle finding a brand that is a massive improvement, unless one of the brands introduces a very durable outsole, as Puma have done with their neutral shoes (which wouldnt be suitable for you if you are ok running in Asics support shoes).
  • Ok all, thanks for the advice. Done some 'research'. Seems the saucony omni is similar type shoe but supposedly more durable. If they fit well their my next pair of shoes. regards
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