Anyone heard of the make Thoni mara

I have just heard about this German make of running gear - Thoni Mara. I would love to hear if anyone has tried any of their shorts or t-shirts and what they think about them. They look good but are they worth the extra money?


  • We've been testing their gear for a month now and have been blown away by the quality and fit. We should have a review online this week. I'll keep you posted.

  • That sounds great - I look forward to seeing the review.
  • Sorry for the delay! Here is the review: thoni mara clothing

    In short, they are definitely worth the money. The fabric really is brilliant, it doesnt fade, snag or smell and wicks incredibly well.

  • Great. Thanks Ransacker - it backs up what I hoped and I will give their tops a go.
  • Definitely - German manufacturing at its best image
  • Thanks for the review Ransacker. Looks v interesting.
  • Great review, have to be honest I do not wear anything like that just a pair of knee length shorts and a t-shirt, do these actually make a difference to running and of course more comfortable to wear?
  • Personally I can't say whether or not the clothing makes a difference to your times but in terms of comfort they certainly make it a more enjoyable experience! If you are wearing a cotton t-shirt then the difference in comfort is huge. However, the clothing is snug fitting so if you prefer to wear loose tshirts then it may not be for you. 

    Glad you liked the review, always good to get feedback.

  • Thought I would rebump this to the top and see if anyone has found where I can purchase any of this from in the UK?
  • I live in Luxembourg and Germany is just 20 kms across the border. I think I'll go pick some of those up and test them.

    What is the obsession with Germans that they can't wear or make normal shorts? It's always some form of tights. 

  • Hi members,

    I am André from Germany, saw the thread and thought maybe I can help you. 

    I just started wearing Thoni Mara myself and "Yes" I like tights. image

    The next step for me will be, bringing the brand  to BeNeLux... Yes it's about business. So if your are interested and don't want to wait till thoni mara is coming to your favourite store in UK or whereever  you can buy it here.

     To be honest I am sorry but the shop is avaible only in four languages. Hope one of them fits you. 

    Thanks for giving it a try 


  • Looks like they have arrived in the UK:
  • Anyone know where the Thoni Mara UK site went?  Seems not to work now and I really want to buy some of their clothes.  Made in Germany, not China!  heaven.

  • Hi All,

    Looks like are stocking some Thoni Mara products:



  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    I have to sign up just to look at them? No thanks.

  • Muttley, it's actually a good site if you do a lot of sports/outdoor activities.  They have hundreds of brands clearing old stock down, sometimes at great prices, sometimes not.  I'm subscribed to their newsletter and have bought a few things from them.

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