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I have just started running a few weeks ago and track my progress using Endomondo on my mobile phone...however after a five mile run im sick of holding my phone and know that sports armbands are out there. However i was wondering if any of you could recommend a particular one..waterproof would be great.

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  • I use a run:365 armband which is pretty comfortable for my slim arm. its water resistent - not waterproof, I would not want to swim with it.

  • use a plastic bag with the above?
  • I tried using sports armbands for ages but I hate the pressure on one arm - makes me feel off balance.

    I used one of these now with my iphone in a bulky case. They do a version with a waterproof case. Postage to the UK was fast:

    I actually forget I've got it on now and have almost got in the shower with it on before image
  • buy a Garmin?
  • Just ordered one of these for myself yesterday, not arrived as yet though, looks good, hope it performs!

    Ronhill MP3 LED Armband

  • If you go to you can buy an armband on the site. It fits most mobile phones and makes it really easy to carry your phone when you are out for a run.
  • I use my running shorts' pocket, sits just under the elastic smack bang in the middle of my back. Works a treat, and 'just' fits my iphone.

    I had a band for around the arm, but found that rather annoying. Kept slipping down, and to tighten it so that it would not slide down meant blocking off circulation to my arm...

  • I found the king of flash ultimate armbands really good. Its well built soft material and stays on the arm throughout the run. Compared to others I had its much better quality- perfectly made.

    I got it from Amazon here

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