Cross Country League Rules

Is anyone clear on first or second claim rules for XC leagues? My club don't have enough members to be accepted to a League this winter,therefore I want to run,but does this mean I'd have to join another club as first-claim to count?


  • I'm not 100% on this Kev, but if you join another club as a first claim member, although you will be able to run you will be a non counter as you will more than likey be given a 'ban' of up to nine months. This is imposed by your local AA. It's meant to deter the bigger clubs poaching the good runners from smaller clubs, but really it just stops you from doing what you want.
    You could look into the possibility of joining another club as a second claim member (staying first claim with your present club). As your club is not entered in the XC league you may get away with this.
    Good luck anyway Kev, and if you can break through all the red tape - well done.
  • Sorry, I don't understand.

    I currently run for my first claim club in one league & my 2nd claim club in another. Am I doing anything wrong?
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