Friday 6th

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What - long run


  • Short & to the point popsider.

    What: am rest - pm 8M recovery run
    Why: I need an easy day

    Last hard: Hills yesterday
    Last rest: 7 days

    Enjoy your running everybody!
  • morning all. been working away for a week with no web access. hope you've all been behaving.

    what : swim
    why : not running at moment whilst getting used to orthotics.
    last hard : over a week ago
    last rest : thurs

  • Left me standing like a naughty schoolboy?

    What: am rest cos it's chucking ir down here
    lunchtime: track - 20x400s with 45 secs recovery

    Why: I would like to finish races in quicker times.

    Last hard: race Weds
    Last rest: Tues
  • mornin',

    what: 6.4k rec run
    last rest: yesterday
    last hard; wednesday

    Happy running, resting, recovering......:-)
  • Barnsley,
    looks like you're heading towards an Emil Zatopek level of dedication!

    What: nowt
    Why: I'm knackered, first time I've run 5 days in a row since about 1998!
    Last hard run: Tempo sesh yesterday.
    Last rest day: Last Friday.

    Have fun all
  • Hello all,

    Long time since I've been on the training thread - I got out of the habit! Must try to get more focussed tho....

    What; either 6m easy or gym session, depends on how I feel this evening after work - or it could be a bottle of wine and a film.....
    Why; it's been a v tough week (working hard, lack of sleep, Grandad poorly, feeling effects of several weeks of good training with a run or gym most days) and I've got a 10k on Sunday that I want to get a PB at, so I'm not going to pressure myself!

    Last hard - Speedwork last Friday pm in the baking hot sun (ugh)
    Last rest - Wednesday (and Tuesday, and Monday.....)

    See ya!
  • What: rest
    Why: need it

    Last hard: Yesterday - Race at Biddulph Grange (Staff Moorlands Summer Series)
    Last rest: Sunday
  • Morning all

    Day off work today but have a local summer series time trial tonight so will most probably go to gym for strength and toning stuff!
    Last hard- 1 and a half hour long run wed evening
    Last rest- Saturday

    Peeing down with rain here and it all looks a bit grim. Oh well maybe it'll brighten up later. Happy running.
  • Raining here too

    Later - 3 mile gentle, easy
    Why - legs heavy after yesterdays' long run
    Last rest - Weds
    Last hard - speedwork Tuesday

    Hoping legs are recovered enough to do a second speedwork (fartlek over 8 miles) tomorrow then a 4 mile race (Fun run?!!) on Sunday

    Have a good day all
  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    Only grey here so far.

    Will only run if my running mate turns up this pm. Otherwise, the trotters have been at it every day more or less, exorcising evil spirits derived from marking, so they need a day off.

    I've got my own computer back, tee hee, tee hee.
  • Morning Folks,

    bit overcast here in London, but its very muggy.

    What : Well originally it was going to be a 10 miler of sorts basically heading towards Docklands because I'm bored of the same old route BUT last night I got lost on the club run and ended up finishing some 1/2 hour behind everyone else so I'll do something shorter (10k - normal route) today

    Last Hard : Weeks ago
    Last Rest : Tuesday

    Have a good one folks
  • What - 6.5 miles recovery run after speedwork last night. Done at 0530, perfect timing to miss the rain. No snails only slugs, a Heron, 2 swans and a duck.

    Last Hard - Last nights alternative club session was slightly unusual, more like my football training from years ago: comprised 8 x 40/50m sprints along zig zag course, jog 200m recovery then repeat twice more. Walk 200m recovery after set then repeat set. Apparently helps with accelaration. Was certainly intense!

    Last rest - Wed
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    What: 5 or 6 miles
    Why: Because I can (see other thread)
  • Morning all!!

    Calves a bit tight today, not sure whether a couple of easy miles will do them good or whether to have a days rest. What do you guys think?

  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    OK, a quiz:

    2 km is:

    a) 1.2 miles
    b) 1.6 miles

    Therefore, reaching 2 km in 8.15 is:

    a) Good pace for a sub-43 10k
    b) 6-somthing minute mile pace and therefore ridiculously fast for someone like me and time to slow down.

    RAce report later!
  • 2km is 1.25 Miles
  • Morning all. Myone holiday day off and I have to drive up the bloody M6 to take the Mr to work in the pouring rain *humfph* ... could have done with a lie in too. Feel okay today... a bit knackered maybe but that's hardly surprising the up and down week I've had.

    What: Tai Chi this afternoon (3:30-4:30)

    Why: Because rest & relaxation is needed.

    Last Hard: Wednesday's Gym stuff

    Last Easy: Yesterday

    Next Session: Not sure. Could be tomorrow on the bike, depends upon the weather really. Otherwise it'll be the 5K R4L on Sunday.

    Have a good day all.

  • morning all

    started wet but beginning to look a bit brighter

    what: 9.3K - probably steady, but will see how much I've got in my legs

    why: as long a run as I've got time for this evening

    last hard day: Wed
    last rest day: Tue
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    .... so, at that point I was tussling with a v. fit looking woman, I was maybe third, then saw the 2km mark, looked at my watch and thought "Uh oh, I´m doing a Laura", stopped tussling and stopped competing and started feeling tired and suddenly an awful lot of people overtook me and I didn´t try to get in front of them and spent the rest of the race not looking at my watch and deciding that I´d messed up. It was only at about 7 km I realised that all my maths had been wrong and that although I was working hard(ish) I was running in ´miserable failure´style (short stride and not doing anything to correct it) so made a bit of effort over the last 3 km, had a dramatic sprint race at the finish with a bloke who tried so hard to beat me that he knocked over the nice lady giving out the medals and two other competitors in the finish chute ...

    Anyway, finished 6th in the 18-39 age group, 11th overall (60 or so women took part) in 46.36. Not a great time, but the fact that I can still run sub-47 while feeling tired and unmotivated and not really trying too hard means that I must be getting fitter.

    BTW for kr. 800 (about 6 quid) we got t-shirt (could choose the size), medal, PowerAde sports drink and sandwiches and coffee afterwards. There was also an amazingly generous spot prize list (but I didn´t win anything).

    And I ran home afterwards.

  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Today: Nowt (actually woke up early and went for a 10 minute run round the lake)
    Why: Body is asking for a rest and I won´t get a chance to run again today
    Last hard: 10k yesterday!
    Last rest: Last Friday
  • What: 6 miles easy
    Why: Need to
    Last Hard: Thu
    Last Rest: Wed
  • Well done LizzyB

    next time you hit 2k at 8.15 just multiply by 5 and then decide if 41:15 frightens you or excites you.

    had a low level training week as on Tues my knee and achilles felt dodgy so opted out of hill training. xtrained yesterday and rest today. club relay along the southdowns tomorrow so a couple of thouand feet to climb
  • What: Rest

    Why: hopefully run again 2mrw, today is the last rest day of my week of rest

    Last rest: Yesterday

    Last hard: Rowing Weds
  • Morning, boys and girls.

    I may well put my feet up tonight, though I may go for a brief jog to keep me ticking over. Cricketed last night, so haven't run since Wednesday's 13M, and racing Sunday, so I suppose a little something to bridge the gap would be in order. Decisions, decisions.....

  • Morning.

    What: 75 Minute body massage

    Why: Getting ready for a race on sunday.

    Last Hard: Tues

    Last Rest: Today

    Good luck for the weekend
  • What? 8 miles at my intended halfmarathon pace

    Why? cos I'm pants at pacing myself, and need more practice

    Last hard, Tues

    Last rest, yesterday

  • The physio says I can run again!!!!!

    What? 100m slow jog. Stop and turn round. 100m slow jog back again. Repeat for no more than 20 minutes.

    Why? OK she said I can run again but she's quite strict on how much! Mind you as I haven't been running for so long I may not manage 20 minutes!

    Last hard? its so long ago I can't remember - but I suppose swim training last night was quite tiring!

    Last rest? Tuesday
  • How long have you not been running for?
  • Since the start of April (well I attempted a comeback at the start of May and just made it worse but I'm not counting that!)
  • Hoof sore after 2.5 mile walk to gym
    So swam a km instead
    im as slow at Swimming as at running though
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