• Hi slo'boy!

    Im on the wrong thread - you just posted as I was typing!! Sorry!

    Rest for me today after long plod yesterday. You?
  • Rest as well. just read your thread. Seems you had a good time!
    Got a 10k tomorrow so taking it easy yesterday and today but I want to go out there and plod for an hour or so.
  • Ive rediscovered my enthusiasm after losing it for a while - feels good! Have a good 10K - never heard of one on a Saturday before??
  • Neither have I and it's at 2 PM. It doesn't look like it's going to be hot so that's a bonus. I prefer morning races.
  • Me too. I hate running in sweltering heat. As you say, hopefully it wont be too bad this weekend...
  • Did you time your run yesterday?
  • Gotta work now. will be back on this thread around 1. Laters!!
  • I did time it - 1hour 29mins - dont know how good that was though or how far i ran as i took a wrong turn and its the first time i went that way. Probably 8 or 9 miles.
  • I can see today is going to be a confusing day - two threads on the go at once!

    No plodding for me today, recovering from my cold (I hope) in time to do 8 miles tomorrow and Sunday's 5k.

    Alf - sounds like you had a great time yesterday. I envy you your car-less route!

  • There is surely one out there somewhere near you FS - its out there!
  • 2 threads :((
    my little brain can't cope

    an hour and a half? AT that's fantastic, but don't go out without your petroleum jelly again .....
  • Whoa! Im really confused now. Perhaps I should copy & paste replies in both threads??
  • Slo boy good luck at hickathrift tommorrow. I can't do it after all. Festival of Choirs at Ely Cathedral. At least its flat in Wisbech.
  • Thanks Ice! Sorry you can't make it. Have fun anyway. I'll post my results tomorrow after 4-5 pm for everyone to have a good laugh at and beat on Sunday's 10K's. ;-)
  • Slo'boy, Ive just seen your Hicky thread re transport to Wisbech...I live in BH and am going..if you want a lift speak up prettty quick..I'm in the phone book if you can't get me via the magic email.
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