Swineshead 10 2010

i'm doing this as my first 10 miler and as part of my 1/2 marathon training, who else is going? Anyone done it before, if so what advice can you offer to us newbies?


  • Just me then? image

    Oh well i suppose i stand a chance of a placing then at least image

  • Oh, I think there's quite a bunch of us going...
  • They must all be shy image
  • Got my race number!

    I think there'll be about half a dozen kitchen threaders there

  • Yep, mine arrived yesterday.

    Mike, Whats the hotel we are staying at?

     Really looking forward to it image

  • I'm staying at a travelodge. Not lovely but it's cheap.
  • I know, you've booked my room too but i cant remember where the hotel is or what it's called. image

  • It's on my calendar as a potential. 10 milers seem to be quite rare so when a nearby one crops up I like to try and do it. The only thing which puts me off is it's quite a small field. Not being the fastest runner, my fear is coming last which in a small field increases the chances of happening!
  • k8, No chance of you coming last with me in the field. imageimage
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    A race number seems to have appeared for me too. In which case, I know who'll be last especially considering I'm practising walking at mo and not running at all.
  • Cool, that means i finally get to meet you Womble.image
  • How is your arm now Womble - healing well I hope

    I may enter on the day, see how my training goes and what is happening in my life by September

  • Cocoa Pop - we'll see about that!

    So is there anyone here who has done it before?

  • Nope, my first time at this event, In fact my first time at this distance image
  • My first time at this distance as well. Also worried about being near the back due to the low number of entries !

  • Some of may be wearing strange purple shirts with "if you can stand the heat, come in to the kitchen" on them. By all means say hi to us.
  • A nice event. Really enjoyed it. Managed to get round in 1hr 29 mins , which was slightly quicker than I thought I would do.  Could have done with it being a bit cooler though. Hot wasn't it?
  • Then you won't have been near the back!  You were a few minutes in front of me...
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