Princes Risborough 10K

This is nothig like a fell race, just lots of gentle undulations. This is my pb course.


  • This is a superb little event, it's actually a pity it's not a 10 miler or HM

     we clocked just over the hour last year as ( night before ) we'd run a hard 10k

     have a go, it's wanderful

  • Hi Mick, how are you old friend?

    You two up for this, this year. I can't believe it's nearly a year ago since we last meet. Sharon is thinking of running it,  it was her last race a year ago. We both have just started running again.

    Sharons daughter, Jade will be running, She will be hopeing to be first junior girl home. She took the U17 prize at Coombe hill today.  

  • cyberwebjaws,

    Hi, Do you know is there is a map of the course anywhere?

  • not sure, have you tried the website
  • how well do you know Princes Risborough.  Lets see if I can give you some idea of where they go.

    The start is in the high street, out side the chip shop. If you are standing with the chippy on your left run down the road a short distance till you come to a private stoney road with a white gate. Go down that road to the end take the next left do a lap around the small green and then carry on the way you was running out of town. turn left then right. Carry on down that road till it turns sharply left and forks right over the railway. Take the left and continue to the crossroads. left again, this road takes you to the A4010. Turn right and right again so you are heading back towards the crossroads. At the crossroads, turn left and start to climb the hill over the railway. Straight over the crossroads and on towards Bledlow ridge. At the end of the road turn right, continue to the next right, take this turn and run along this road its a nice gentle downhill. When you get to the end of the road turn left. And run a round a right hand bend that takes you over the first  railway bridge. Left turn and you are now back on the road that took you out of Risborough. You take gthe same route back as you ran on the way out, Missing out the green and finish where you started.

    Hope that is some help.       

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Hi Cyber...who on earth ever gave the impression it's a fell race!!

    I've done this one a couple of times, nothing too major, the heat is often the biggest issue, 2006 was incredible heat which made it an utter struggle, but 2008 it was ok.

    If this is your pb course am I right in saying you haven't done too many 10ks? There'll be faster out there for sure.

  • Cyber,

     Many thanks, can picture the course, just hope not too hot as I prefer the cold and wet conditions of XC.......

  • Stevie G, I've run a fair number of 10k's in the 2 1/2 years I was running, but alot of them were off road and hilly. Silverstone and Thame were my PB courses before Risborough. I ran about 50 races in that time over allsorts of distances.

    Madrunner I hope it's not too hot as well I didn't run it that year but my fiancee did, and i've never seen her look so bad after a race.  This will be her come back race.  I'm looking at Bearbrook 10K for my come back . It's a course I used to do a lot of training on, so it should be fun getting back to my old stomping ground.

  • Saturday is looking warm, only saving grace for Sunday thats its a 0930 start, best stay off the wine Sat night.....Going to do Bearbrook 10k in Aug, just to see how much improvement in training.  Sounds a good route anyway.

  • I think some of the reviews of the Princes Risborough race are actually for the Coombe Hill Run (which is uphill then downhill twice  ~ 190M of ascent and has been described as a fell race) or the Waddeson 5K (which is definitely downhill and then uphill). All are run by the Vale of Aylesbury Athletics club (VOAAC), which is maybe why they have got mixed together !

    The Princes Risborough 10K is fairly flat and quick.

  • Good news, 22 degrees and it stands at the moment.
  • I don't trust the weathermen this far off. If they say warm and dry it's likely to be hammering down.

    Bearbrook is a good fast course. Mainly flat or gently downhill, with one long not to steep hill halfway round. But that grass at the end really saps any strength you have left.

    I think you are right about the review being for Coombe hill or Waddsden. Coombe hill goes up for about a mile then down a steep guilly and up again, thie second accent of the hill is like climbing a clift litterly, then flat, and gently down to the finish. Well it's gentle compared  to the other hills.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Princes Risborough has about 230 feet (70m) of ascent spread over some gentle inclines. The one at around 6 -7k always seems to hurt a bit, especially when its hot (as it often is!). I reckon its just a tad slower than Thame....

    Hoep to do it, if I can escape from a 40th birthday party at a reasonable time tonight!

  • Come on Bus boy ,don't let your birthday stop the fun. I ran Bearbrook a few years ago after getting to bed at 3.30am, because I was celebrating my birthday.  And set a PB for the course.
  • Hi, hope everyone had a good run this morn. We had a good time. Jade won the u17 cat. And got a nice meddle in a case and a £20 voucher for Apex sports, Thanks, very much apprechiated . And Shoron was pleased to get under the hour, in 58.58. A good time as it was her first race since this one last year and only two months of training . 

    Thanks too all the organisers, and marshalls. I had a little chat with Steve Rooney.

    It  was nice to see Go Martini again.

    Hope to see you all at Bearbrook 10k where I will be making my comeback. On one of my old training runs, can't wait.


  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    It was the friend of a friend's 40th rather than mine (no way I could have run after my 40th all those years ago image - far too hungover!!)

     Good race today though - close to a pb and would have had it, apart from pushing a wee bit too hard again in the 9th k and losing half a min retching!

    I'm being dragged to another 40th birthday party the night before Bearbrook too unfortunately!!  I do wsih more race were on  a Saturday!!

  • Great race yesterday - if a little hot.

    Greatly saddened by lack of compassion amongst a small number of runers who passed a man collapsed on a grass verge at about 7K without offering assistance. It was very obvious that he was in a great deal of trouble and there must have been 15 or 20 runners ahead of me who completely ignored him.

    Shame on you all - PB's are not that important.

  • Oh dear, I wasn't aware of that. Agree it was a bit hot, so I hope he was OK.

    It was my first experience of the Princes Risborough 10k, and in fact my first official 10k, so I guess that counts as a PB. Anyway, just under 51 minutes was pleasing, and I'm looking to doing more races.


  • The best thing about the Bearbrook one is that after about kilometre 6.50, its a sloooow gentle downhill all the way to the finish.

    The worst thing about the Bearbrook is the hill from 5k to 6.50, which is actually 3 undulations up with 2 minor downbits in between. I would have thouight it would be a good course for a good runner, although I always struggle with the hill as Im not fast.

  • Mattress tester, congrates on completing your first 10k. I hope it will be the first of many. You will find lots of 10k's and other distance races in this area. So go and have some more fun, your soon be running 1/2's and doubling the fun. And looking forward to the big M.

    W V, your right about Bearbrook. I ran my fastest 1mile after the hill, in the middle of a training run. 6.40.

    If you brake the hill into 3 parts it makes it a lot easier.

    MT, Bearbrook would be a good 10k for your second. Or if you fancy the challange of a big hill try wycombe 10k.

  • Cheers cyberwebjaws (that's a bit of a mouthful image sorry!).

    Not sure where Bearbrook is, but sounds good. As for Wycombe, I know there are lots of steep hills there, so would be horribly suspicious about one or more of them being included. Could well be a bit of a challenge for my little legs.

    The big M would certainly be a challenge for the future, so will have to see if I could do a 1/2 first some time. Furthest I've done on a training run was 20k.

    Thanks for the insight, and cheers.

  • Yep, agree, Cyberjaws. Its actually 3 small hills with 2 downhill bits, and its about 1.10 mile  long all in.

    Bearbrook is at Weston Turville, about 3 miles south of Aylesbury, Mattress. Im doing Wycombe 10k, and that Dawes hill is a real bitch! The Half also has the hill, but then the similar downhill bit at about mile 6-7 ish. I find the second half of Wycombe Half a bit boring, you go a long quite a busy road with a lot of parked cars.

    If you are thinking of a quieter Half, try the Burnham Beeches, thats 2 laps of fairly undulating road, with all roads closed (or the bulk of them at least). Its a good summer Half as its mainly under trees and is shaded. (Sorry, apppreciate the thread is 10k, just putting penny worth in). And as its two lap, you can just do one lap, and pull off at 6 miles.... its a bit expensive for just 10k, but that is my Plan B for this years event.

  • I did Burnham a few years ago. It is a nice run. I ran it as a seventeen mile training run for  Abingdon. I finished tnen ran back down  the last two miles and back to the finish. It was funny when a lad at the last water station said, " you must be mad, thats your third lap."

    I don't know if it will be open this year. But I finished off the morning with a nice relaxing swim in the school open air swimming pool. THe race starts and finishs at a school.   

  • Good to see you cyber - soz I not been on forums - is Bearbrook next then?
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