Southend Half Marathon Sunday

is anybody else doing this run on Sunday?


  • Yep! I shall be there. This seems to be a very poorly advertised event this year, don't you think?
  • First time I have run this one though, and am hoping for a PB as it is flat (which its not hard to find a flat course around here though is it!)
  • Might see you there then Alan I agree this event was poorly advertised but I too am hoping for a Personal best as the course is flat.
  • I'm number 228 - maybe you'll bump into me (hopefully not on the run though!!)
  • Hiya,

    Sorry didnt realise a second thread had started up on this race. Yep, running this again this year, will be interested to see how different the course is to last year.

    I am number 37, see you there,.

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