Trentham Tri

NamNam ✭✭✭

Fun / Sprint / Oly / Half IM to chose from... all on the same day & course.

Anyone doing any of them?  image



  • I think Mr & Mrs SA are doing the Half
  • NamNam ✭✭✭
    I thought it's handy as I could do something ickle and Calfie could do something longer... and we'll probably finish at the same time... LOL  image
  • I assume you mean its Handy for Calf, still a treck from South Wales
  • NamNam ✭✭✭
    well yeah but I probably spend 3 out of 4 weekends oop norf anyway... image
  • Hi Nam

    me and Mrs SA are entered into the big half, but as I broke my bike at the weekend don't know if I will be doing it, but will still be there as Mrs SA will still be competing

  • Currently training for the Classic Tri which is a bit of a stretch at least where the swimming is concerned! But i'm a Stokie so want to put in the effort for this event just up the road from where i live. Trentham Gardens is great - v popular with locals and visitors alike; beautiful Italian Gardens and attractive retail village always worth a visit. For anyone having to stay over, there's a Premier Inn "on-site".
  • I'm (still) thinking about doing the half as a training day for the Outlaw but the thought of an eight lap bike route fills me with dread! image  (infact secretly I'm probably hoping they sell out so my minds made up for me image)
  • I did this event last year, the half!  It was a bit strange, not a bad event but not one of my favourites.

     Be prepared for the water to be black, and I mean black like swimming in the night.  This is not because it is dirty but just because it has lots of fresh water muscles and it is rather shallow.  And because the swim is laps too, it is constantly being churned up.  There was an extra transition where you left a pair of shoes to put on when you came out of the water before running to your bike, quite a bit but ok as everyone else is doing it too.

    The 8 laps on the bike was not great, up & down the dual carriageway, all I can say is be careful!  It is a busy road and they did not have enough warning signs up stating cycling event in progress.  There was one bad accident on the roundabout near the event.  This probably mainly happened because cars were still coming on and off the road, and with so many events quite a few cyclist on the road too.  I think the bike ride was longer too, about 97k but I might be wrong.  The crowds were great cheering on before the accident so hopefully this year they will be too.

     The run was a long out and back, think it was laps as well, can't remember correctly.  I did this event 3 or 4 weeks after doing IM France so I think I was not ready for it and was more tired than I anticipated which might affect my outlook on the event.  But even still the finish was good and the crowd great too.

     Think you will enjoy it more knowing what to expect, black water, busy road but a great crowd.  There was also a good bike guy set up there before and after the event. 

  • image Daft question to be addressed to the trifreaks I'm up for this but was thinking it was just a sprint. for a half IM should you taper or can I get away with a nice cycle the day before?
  • Oooo Snookums you've put me off I was thinking about doing this as my first 1/2 next year. I think I'll do some more research and find another image
  • cake

    I wont be tapering for this as am using it for training for Outlaw like you

    Depends on how far your cycle is the day before

    We are booked in to the Premier inn on site for Saturday night.

  • image My house to the start line was the plan but that was when throught it was a sprint. image

    That small tent comes in handy for things. Like you thinking perfect outlaw training but now realised can get some OW action in. Might be a bit smelly after through as won't be able to take much in the way of clothes and then get the train back.

  • Feckit hotel just seen only £29 quid can bring spare underpants now. image
  • yeah but that means coming out for beer the night before with us

  • NamNam ✭✭✭
    Looks like I'm doing the sprint and Calfie is doing Oly.  We might finish roundabout the same time as I usually take about twice as long as him at most things...
  • NamNam ✭✭✭
    *suddenly thinks that sounds really dodgy*  image
  • are you going to stay the night before Nam

  • image I can't think of anything to say thats not funny so best to shut it. image
  • NamNam ✭✭✭
    I doubt we'd stay the night before.  I meant it's not that far from Nantwich is it? I'd hope he'd have moved by then...?  image
  • image Will it take you twice as long to move all your stuff in as well through? Might not have moved in by December, Oh by the way I was walking past a hat shop the other day and there were some lovely little things that would match my eye's image
  • We are 21 miles away, but with a 07:00 start for the half and racking at 05:45 dont fancy driving  down at 4 in the morning

  • image 5.45 that's the time civilized people should be leaving a night club. image
  • NamNam ✭✭✭

    I think the shorter races start later?  Anyhoo he likes his own bed... image

    Cake... hats...  what have I told you??  imageimage

  • Checked with social secretary with my high powered half life style and you guys do know that this is the same day as England and Germany meeting in the world cup final? Just throught best let people know just in case. Does meen will have to move quick so can be at the bat in time for kick-off.image
  • Kick-off not till 19:30, so we should be finished by then

  • image Are you sure?
  • Orange 5 why don't you look at "The Big Cow", usually in July.  That is a nice half to do.  Near Milton Keynes, a sprint on the same day, a fair amount of supporters cheering people on and even though the run is laps, it is still a nice route.  I think it is my favourite but we are all individual and prefer different things in an event.  Check it out on the website.  You could always do a sprint there before hand to give you an idea of the place as they do one a month or two before the actual "Big Cow Half".  I am sure there are loads more to look at for first timers.  There is also the Vitruvian, in September time.  Sells out fast and lots of people do it as a first.  Not done it myself but might do it next year, it sells out very fast though!!
  • Mmmm thanks I'll take a look. But Milton Keynes is a long way from me Trentham is about 3-4 hrs. Thanks anyway.
  • Never swam in a black watered lake before. Come to think of it, have never swam in a lake before full stop.Do you think my feeble breast-stroke would be OK? (sprint of course!)

  • NamNam ✭✭✭
    For sprint you should get away with BS.  For the Oly distance that would get a bit knackering.  For the Half... no way.
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