Itchy throat caused by hayfever


I suffer from hayfever really badly and take every kind of medication possible; tablets, eye drops and nasal spray. Being drugged up to the max for 3 months of the years just about controls the symptoms apart from one: a really really REALLY itchy throat and upper palate.

I have no idea what to do about this. Even resorted to homoeopathic remedies and surprise surprise it didn't bloody work. A few years ago, it was so bad, I was scratching my mouth with a fork until I drew blood. Sorry for being gross!

Please help! I'll try anything!


  • I cant help but suffer from the same thing.................dont have any other symptoms with hayfever apart from itchy throat, it even wakes me up in the middle of the night!!!! Antihistamines don't do a thing!!!  As for your other symptoms have you thought about acupuncture???  Wont help this year as for best benefit you need to have it before the beginning of your symptoms depending what time of year your season starts.  My sister used to take all sorts of medications before having acupucture now only has very mild symptoms occasionally.  Might be worth a try x x x
  • I symapthise, I suffer too, not quite on your level though.

    Eating Honey local to your area is supposed to help, as it contains the pollens etc that are causing the problem, and therefore helps to build up your resistance. My mum has tried this and it does work, but takes 3-4 months, I guess that realistically if you start now it will help for next season. The honey needs to of been produced as locally to you as poss...

  • Okay l can l can answer this one as l suffer from a really itchy throat mostly during the early hours of the morning. I use Riccola Herbal Lozenges Original flavour and have done for the last 4 years. I sometimes wake up pop a lozenge in and wait for it to soothe and then take it back out.

    Try it and let me know if it works for you imageimageimage

  • Hello,

    I thought I was the only one! I end up "clicking" to try and relieve the itch (it is also in the eustachian canal- connecting the ear and throat). It drives me and everyone around me mad. Acupuncture didn't work for me and the only drugs are the clarityn 8 hour ones. Even then, they only relieve the itchy eyes and sneezes!

    My dad uses honey and says that works, although I didn't start early enough. The best way I deal with it is calmly breathing and trying to avoid thinking about it......

     Hope this helps....and the rain is bringing all the pollen downimage

  • Thanks everyone, I'm going to try local honey and hope it works in time for next year.

    Runningbagel, I also get the itch deep inside my ear. I push quite hard on my neck, under the ear and wiggle my jaw around to relieve the itch.

    Hayfever sucks donkey arse!
  • Can sympathise - its awful.  Have you tried using a "neti pot" and nasal rinsing?  it basically looks like a little tea pot.  you fill it with warm saline water and flush eash nostril.  feels a bit weired to begin with, but it gives your nostrils, sinus and eustatian tubes a good old clean out.   can do it several times a day.  If you can't get hold of a neti pot, you could use a water bottle with a spout, and fill it with warm salt water.  Also check your nose spray - i find OTC products not much use - prescription better, fluticasone seems to help.   Good luck - its horrid.

  • Ewww! I wouldn't try nasal douching as it will make the mucous membrane more sensitive I'd have thought... without a layer of mucous protecting it that pollen's going to get straight in!

    I get hayfever - usually arrives with Wimbledon Season, my nemesis is grass pollen. Local honey does help. I have it in green tea, on bread etc.  I take clarytin and shove vaselineup each nostril to catch the pollen image doesn't feel too nice but helps a bit.

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