Tight Claves

What do you suggest, I have tight calves today after heavy sessions, including speed sessions and hills. Shall I do a couple of easy miles tonight or Rest? Which will help the most?


  • I'd go for the couple of easy miles option so that you warm up enough to have a really good stretching session afterwards.
  • get a deep tissue massage if you can - hurts like **** but feels much better the next day
  • Tight claves? I have some wood blocks, but they don't seem to be very tight.

    Seriously, try the deep tissue massge, andy is right, you tend to scream but it does feel better the next day. I had tears in my eyes, and the swearing was interesting!

    Alternately, try some easy miles, then do some long stretching combined with ankle rotations, and foot stretching.
  • easy run, then good stretch.
  • Oh and if that doesn't work, go to the pub!!!
  • i thought i was the only screamer/swearer nettle lover

    i did ask the masseur bloke last time i went where i was on the scale of tightness (assuming i was 8 out of 10 or 9 out of 10) - he said i was only a 3 or a 4 (10s cant stand up) and the real stiff people suffer quite a bit more than i did

    sports masseurs - more hated than dentists
  • How can you say that?! Mine's lovely

    (though i am a little concerned at the grin that appears on mentioning "ITB Stripping")
  • yes andy, the masseur told me if I REALLY wanted to scream, he could do something else! I declined. (odd bloke)
  • I was just coming to find out what claves were:o)

    I tend to suffer with tight calves when I've been training heavily or doing lots of races. Massage really is the answer along with specific calf exercises.

    I do one where I sit on the floor with a rolled up towel pulled around my foot, which is then used to pull the foot towards me really giving the calf a stretch. Then I do it with the knee bent but while pulling the foot towards me I push back with my foot. Hope that makes sense. The sports therapist I saw gave me the exercises. Worth a try!
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