Summer office 'do'

Sorry, totally off topic, but what the flip...

For my sins, I've been 'volunteered' onto the summer party committee at work. We have a budget of about £40 per head, and it's for a weekday evening. No kids or partners. Only caveat is that it should be 'fun' and promote 'mingling' (oi, no filthy suggestions, thank-you!)

Anyone had a really good office party recently or got any great ideas?

And in case you know of anything local, we're based in Farnborough, Hants. (My suggestion of the Bracknell Forest 5 was met with general disdain!)




  • bowling always is fun...we used to go with a company that i worked for...i never looked forward 2 it and was always tempted to cry off, however once there it was a good giggle!

    40 squid a head would cover it all including drinkies!
  • A garden party!
  • what - like queenies?
  • No, not like queenie's. I was thinking vats of wine, barrels of beer, and tubs of curry. And a candyfloss machine.
  • Perhaps 'raptor's garden party could be combined with a hard track session? After the tubs of curry have been consumed, of course.
  • hello donutto drivel drivel
  • Buffpuff -- theme park..? Any near you..? Otherwise I'd go with the bowling and mebbe Pizza before it - no rules on having to spend the 40 squid all in one place..?
  • Hi Dr C, any whiskey left?
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    have a peek at:

    they do corporate events and "buckets of fun"
  • What about Go Karting? I seem to remember that the last time I went it was in fact in Farnborough.
  • Slo boy its drinking chocolate time at the moment
  • btw enabled my page for your viewing pleasure
  • Fraid so got to drive to swimming leesons so no whisky till later
  • Darn! Swimming lessons?!
  • How about hiring a local club with some ground for an evening and having an evening of rounders and a BBQ with lots of booze?
  • Slo boy swimming lessons for the kis one swims 4.30till 5.00 other 5.30 till 6.00 Sorry to much detail this shoild be on Domestic Drudgery thread
  • BuffPuff, I do my speed training on a treadmill every saturday morning at the Rec. bring your colleagues along to watch me - it's usually quite comical. You can't miss me, I'm the sweaty fat lad labouring along in an adidas t-shirt.

    Alternatively - take them all out to Aldershot on a friday night. It may not be much fun but you'd certainly be mingling as you legged it from the squaddies.
  • Hmmm... tempting offer RLD! Do you expect us to give you the four grand for the privilege too!?

    Thanks for all the ideas guys. Diggerland looks interesting, can just see the sales guys chasing down the MD in some kind of digger-induced massacre! (Hmm, should def follow that up!)

    Theme park idea is coming out tops at the moment, will see if there's anywhere local, maybe they'll let us have a bbq in the carpark!
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