The Lomas Distribution Buxton Half-Marathon

I'm never expecting a PB here, it would be etremely difficult but I can't seem to be able to get a 'buxton half pb' into my 3rd year in and my times seem to get worse (and it was 26's last year)!

This is the 1st year I'm actually contemplating not coming back or maybe I think that every year and forget how hard it is by the time it comes to entering again!

Great organisation and lovely crowd thanks everyone!


  • My second half, and what a toughie. No flat to speak of except right at the end.

    I actually did a PB, tho as its only my 2nd half, maybe no great achievement.

    Bril crowd, good organisation and absolutely stunning views / scenery, tho maybe not appreciated

    on my  140 min slog!

  • My first attempt at this race and I done 2.16. Legs still feel very tired from Edinbugh marathon 2 weeks ago, even at work I can still feel it, so was pleased with my time.

    As said above, good crowd and well organised. Stunning veiws as you run, and living

    here in the peak district, I never get bored of them as I am running.

  • 2 hours 9 mins for me here and wow what a hard half marathon that one is image

    That first hill up to 2.75 miles seemed to take forever and took a lot of energy out of my poor legs !

    Superb scenery and overall a very enjoyable run and day out,although if i do try this one again i will have to do some proper hill training image

    The crowds at the finish actually spurred me on into a little sprint finish too.......thanks guys !

  • "That first hill up to 2.75 miles seemed to take forever and took a lot of energy out of my poor legs !"

    and the last one from 7.5 to 9 miles is a killer too, and pretty much the rest of the course because of it, I even had sheep running at me!

     you got to love a challenge though! even more so with the sheep charging onto the course!!! any of you coming back next year?

  • Great day out and great race!!

     Loved the views, the animals!! and the crowds...and the way so many that had done it a few times previous forgot about the first hill!

     Fantastic organisation and lovely atmosphere..met some really nice people. So thank you!

     My first half, but already looking for the next..!

  • I managed a 1:46 time on a beautiful, mountanous course, only a slight ache in the calves this morning.

    Loved the hills, what a challange, and agree that first hill seemd to go on forever.

    Will definatley be back next year for some more pain and enjoyment.

  • only been running for 3 months so was my 1st half marathon and was hopeing to do a 2hr20 but managed a 1hr49 so very very happy, Fantastic route, very well organised!!!  Loads of water points so I really have nothing negative to say about the day, I Will Be Back next year !!!

    Thanks for the great day!!! and hills!!!

    p.s. thighs are killing me today!! 

  • Any results up yet?image
  • Results have now been sent to the Buxton AC website so hopefully will be there later this morning.

  • Here's a link to the results file - hopefully works !!

    Many thanks for your kind words about the race image

  • image Great race is every year even when they are forced to run it in the afternoon. Please never change a thing other than the year on the t-shirt each time. image
  • except for next year and change the time back to 11:00!!!  Pretty Please image

  • Pretty sure Katie that it will never be run at 2.15 pm again. Not long ago it used to be run at 5.15 pm on saturday night of the Bank Hol week-end though.

    I've changed the results slightly to correct a typo. New results link is
  • image Thats both good and bad news. Good news is a lot eaiser to get to, Bad news if the strange red thing is in the sky. Will still be there next year it's one don't miss unless got no other chose. If anyone really likes buxton don't forget there's a nice tri there in sept and the nice little race next week I think?
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