Race for Life HIGH WYCOMBE

Anyone running the Race for Life in High Wycombe on Sunday?


  • sorry lucy that was a joke!

    but im still not, sorry...

    good luck though

    what time dya think youll do?
  • No worries!

    I'm not very fast as I'm used to running longer distances at a slower pace. I'd be very happy if I did it in 25 minutes but looking at the weather conditions and the fact that the course is on grass, I think I'll complete it in around 30 minutes.
  • last year i did the bristol one in 28, i wanted to improve this year so did loads of training on hill mode etc and cos of the weather (rain wind) did 28 again. bit peeved but never mind!
  • Since the London Marathon I've done 3 5k races without any training. The times have ranged between 29 and 30 minutes. My goal is to beat 25 minutes which I have never managed to do.
    I much prefer half marathons though!!
  • i couldnt do a marathon

    10k on the treadmill killed me yesterday

    what a good girl u r!
  • I've done 2 London Marathons now - this year and last year. I've become addicted to them! Am also running the Great North Run in September.
    I can't run on a treadmill as I get shin splints.
  • I shall be there! Behind you though, Lucy M! :o)
  • Hi Juliejoo, How did you get on? I did it in 28 mins 15 secs which I am pleased with.
  • :o( Um - <<whispers>> 40:38 <<skulks away>>

    But hubby says I was within 400 metres of lapping someone! :o)
  • That's really good. Well done.

    Not many people can run 1 mile let alone 3 so you should be very proud of yourself! :0)
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