Anyone ever raced in New Zealand?

OK, me Mr S and little S are moving to the North Island in the New Zealand in early September.  In my attempt to avoid all things related to packing and getting orangised for the move I've been looking at New Zealand races.   So, what races would you reccomend/avoid?


  • My god crap typing at this time of night ... ooopss!  Meant to say what races should I enter ... durrrrr!
  • Great time of year to arrive.

    There are none I would say you should avoid generally. What sort of running do you do? Where in the North Island will you be based?

  • Welcome.  Go here and have a look.  Fill your bots.. image\

    Regards Rod

  • Thanks for the link to Cool running Rod.  I had tried looking at Runner's Worls over there, but it was a bit pants.  Our final location is yet to be finalised image but I mainly do road running 10K's and half marathons, but also enjoy trail running and silly muddy stuff.
  • You will have no problems hooking up with like minded runners wherever you end up.  There is 10k's and halfs on most months in nearly every main city.  Plenty of clubs and some wonderful runs. If you end up in Wellington of Christchurch I can suggest a few places to start.
  • If you end up in Wellington there are lots of great clubs. The Wellington Marathon Clinic have 2 hour pack runs every Sunday morning and are really friendly and not competitive if you are looking for a more laid back club.

    There's definately not a 10k or half mara on per month in Wellington, The races here are good though and there's a weekly 5k series from around August until April run by Scottish Harriers which is really good.

    I lived in Christchurch for a short time and didn't do lots of races but did a few run by the Sri Chimnoy Marathon Team which were really good. They were 10k and you got a really delicious breakfast afterwards so i'd recommend that!

  • Yes but Christchurch is in the South Island so it's a bit far to go for the breakfast runs

    Anyway in NZ, you can't go wrong.  In fact, you don't even need to do races.  There are loads of multi day trails that you can run if you want - they are fabulous to hike or cycle or run (check though, some of them don't allow the cycling).

    There is so much to do and see - it will a 100 000 000 000 % turnaround from what you are able to do in the UK.  Enjoy it!


  • I luv New Zealand Devenport Auckland is where I stay with family and we have fantastic runs here not to be missed did the coastal challenge two weeks ago great day but you need to look to see what suites you

    I can recommend the Rotorua maarathon.

    There are parkruns in Wellington and Auckland.


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