Anyone need a temp?

Available: one Meggles.

Some office experience, can do word and excel, general adminey type stuff, answering phones, receptioney things.

Work wanted mid June til end September.
Anyone help?!


  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Nowt going here so you may be best to register at an agency. You might lose out a bit on dosh but there's more choice.

    And you don't want to work with anyone on here do you?
  • Meggles if you need agency numbers - tho I'm sure you can find them adequately by yourself! - I can recommend some, wasn't so long ago that I was unceremoniously chucked out of my sales job for being sh*t at it, and needed temp work pronto.
  • Nothing here at the moment I'm afraid Meggles, and anyway you and Dazza would spend all day talking about Fred West and get no work done!

    Have you finished your exams now, how did they go?

    And you Gavo, haven't you been examing?
  • Mmm, trouble is, I tried going into an agency this afternoon. They took one look at my rather shall we say, varied CV and said I don't have enough office experience.

    I hate looking for normal jobs!
  • What was your previous job Meggles?
  • Be "creative" with the CV Meggles. Also most agencies make you do tests for Word and whatnot through which, being quick and intelligent, you will prove you'll be OK in office role.

    I don't have standard office-y experience and was OK getting various temping stuff.
  • I've had about a million different jobs Caz! Ranging from acting'dancing jobs to waitressing, to callcentre work (I was an assistant manager after being on the phones), I've done reception at a gym, been a book person booking out furniture and props to film and TV sets, and before I went to uni I worked at the Anna Scher Theatre in charge of the children's acting classes (sorting them all out, fees etc not teaching them). Now as you all know I teach ballet. Not your average CV is it?!

    Richard, I haven't finished yet, 2 down 2 to go. Ok so far, fingers crossed! I finish on Thursday.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Meggles, you may need to exaggerate your experience. As long as you do OK in the tests, they should find a job for you somewhere.

    Ricky - yes but am happily finished for the summer.
  • I have something up here in Dundee if you're willing to travel...
  • Bit far I think 'roos. But thanks!
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