Revelstoke Run - Noss Mayo

I'll be amazed and very happy if this can be resolved here....

I'm quite keen to enter the Revelostoke Run in Noss Mayo, Plymouth on 4th July. The thing is, none of the usual race diaries or web searches are throwing up who the organisers are, how to enter or the details of the run.

I'd welcome any help on this.

Thank you!


  •    Hi!! 

     The Revelstoke run is a great run but is classed as a "social" run, for insurance purposes, I think! Therefore there are no entry fees, no race numbers, prizes etc. There is , however, marshalls and water stations en route and food and drink afterwards! Suggested donations of £3 to our village church fund though....

         Just turn up, sign something and run!!! Oh, and enjoy the fabulous scenery around the coast!!

                                      See you there!!.

      Starts at 11am on Sun 4th July by St. Peters Church in Noss Mayo and finishes at The Ship Inn pub.

      (There is something on the entry forms section of The Tamar Trotters website. Hope this helps!!)

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