How long does your running gear last?

How often do you replace your running clothes?  With mine being thrown in the wash 4+ times a week i'd appreciate any advice in keeping them in good condition for longer.  Do you just rinse them in water after a run or use washing power and conditioner??


  • Granted I don't have years of wear in anything, but I don't replace anything, I'll buy new stuff but still keep old stuff for wet days etc. (Including the 8-year-old pair of shorts I wore this morning). 

    The care labels tend to say don't use conditioner so I try not to.

    Personally I'm a bit of a minger though and will often wear something more than once before washing it. I might have to reassess this if I ever join a club. 

  • I have some kit I've used for years and other bits that need replacing more often. I never use conditioner on running kit - it doesn't do it any good at all. I just wash using normal washing powder on a 30 deg cycle. Generally I'd expect a good few years use for tights, shorts, t-shirts etc. It's usually down to changes in style/colour which affect my buying choice rather than they've completely worn out!! For more technical stuff like pertex - I only wash in detergent free stuff. I use Grangers as I do for my waterproofs.
  • Remind me not to run down-wind of you Wobbled LOLimage
  • Yeah, having seen my mankiness in black and white I might ask the OH to do a serious sniff test on me next time I leave the house. image
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    there's no need to wash kit after every run - just let it dry and do the sniff test. if it's not bad wear it again, if you fall over wash it! there's a big difference between the smell of good honest sweat and BO...

    there's an over-obsession that kit needs to be fresh every time - and most of the time who's going to smell you? nobody but you!
  • Sorry FB - each to their own but mine gets washed every time.  Don't think I'm over obsessed......
  • I couldn't bear to put stiff, dried-sweaty clothes back on   image

    I wash them at 30 degrees, without conditioner.

    Some of my kit is going strong six or seven years on, but when I find something I like, I buy several of them, so they each probably get used once a week, rather than every time I run. 

  • I'm with FB on this one, who's going to be smelling you when you run early in the morning.
  • I think it must be a "girl" thing about not washing kit after every run.  Mind you I also wash my OH's as well and he doesn't always put it in the basket to wash image.  i'm sure he'd happily just wash it once a week (if at all!)

  • Just use an area of garage for minging running gea,r that way you only need wash it every few runs, it's only going to get covered in sweat anyway, I'm assuming you are a lone runner..!
  • hmmm have brought some natural washing ball things so will try just washing my kit  at 30 degrees using those.  I only really tend to be a bit stinky after my long sunday morning run so that can be kit wash day!
  • yes am a lone runner at present but thinking of joining a local running club once a week
  • It's not a smelling thing, so much as the feel of clothes that you've sweated heavily on, then they've dried.

    They go crusty and stiff and nasty, and you've got extra salt in there to aid chafing.

    It's no problem to shove them in the wash - it's not like the old days when you had no machine and had to do it all by hand, and they dry really fast.

    My Squeeze washes his after every run too image

  •  I only own wicking synthetic T-shirts as I don't have to iron them. image

    So I wear the previous day's casual t-shirt for running in the next day.

    Shorts and socks have to be fresh though I sometimes make windshirts (pertex etc) last a couple of runs.

  • I've been amazed at how long technical fabrics last. I haven't worn out anything "technical" yet - I've been using it for about 10 years now.

    They keep their shape and just never seem to wear out. The only thing that has happened is that a few of them have pulled threads where I've caught them on brambles etc. and a few have stains I can't get out. There's no point me worrying about that though as I look awful when running so a couple of marks on my T-shirt won't make any difference.

    Mind you nothing can beat the Burnley football shirt I got in 1982 when I was in junior 4. My little lad wears it now, and it still looks amazing - only has 2 pulled threads!

  • ClagClag ✭✭✭
    Non-bio wash at 30C & wash after every wear. My kit's been on the go for 3 years now and nothing's worn out yet. image
  • i agree. wash after each run. But i hardly ware stuff our. Well, shorts and tights, but tops never. Maybe i need to put more miles in...
  • I wouldn't bother with the washing ball things - they'd pummel the kit far more than a bit of detergent would. Tecchy kit lasts forever - helly hansens and cockroaches will be the only things around after the apocalypse I reckon.

    I usually wash my top and shorts after every run - unless I get a run to work and one home in the evening - and a gilet or jacket will do for a couple of runs - but not the base layers.
  • Depends how much i sweat - if not much I'll chance a vest more than once. Shorts I wear several times usually as I don't sweat THAT much.

    I'd tend to wash kit on low temp as most the time they're not dirty, just sweaty.

    Can't honestly say I've ever had kit wear out on me though - and I've got several vests that must be 3+ years old now.

    I wonder whether its the manufacturer? Most technical kit lasts a long time whereas i suspect more fashion-conscious togs may not be up to the job?

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