Saturday 7th June 2003

LestradeLestrade ✭✭✭
What are you doing today?


  • Oh, dammit! i wanted to be first!

    What: run in afternoon, just to get legs ready for Sunday trot.

    Why: why not, it's a nice day (supposedly)

    That's it!
  • Hi Steady and Nettle lover

    Painting the kitchen, at least it might stretch my muscles

    Sunday Two Castles 10k
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    'If you judge a book by the cover then you judge the look by the lover..'

    Name that tune in one!
  • Jeepers, its a long time since I've posted on this thread!

    What: 20miles cycle
    Why: Because I paid £200 for a bike and 2-4weeks 2 go b4 i can run and still haven't really been out on it! Also combining it with some work I've gotta do in South Belfast
  • What - playing tennis for the first time in a year or so.
    Why - annual reunion. May not have played for a while but I'm generally fitter than I've ever been. Anticipating a few aches on Sunday/Monday from non-running related muscles though!
  • ooooo, I know that one Wardi, but can't seem to remember it. Damn the beer!

    What about; 'Tough on the track, and the wind, and the rain is beating down on your back. Keep the pace, hold the race ....'
  • Wardi - Dionne Warwick "The Look of Love"??

    I'm just totally guessing out on a limb with that one!!
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Evening all.

    What: Getting up early (honestly) to go out on bike - minimum 2 hours - maximum 3 and a half hours. Want to check out a cafe in Elton that everyone raves about and hopefully clock up a ton for the week. May go and spectate at Buxton but I think it may prove impossible with the kids.

    Then on Sunday an 11 mile run will get me to 50 miles running for the first time.
  • Okie dokie, as you can see am up pretty darn early/late so lack of sleep might impede what I get upto today *sigh* but you'll all be glad to know that it's not the 'brain whirring' which kept me awake - it's pain from the radiation scars that woke me up. Can't wait to be able to start with this scar reduction dressing (cica care for medical people) hopefully it'll improve the tightness under my arm.


    what: could either be a rest day (probably) or an easy cycle to my Mum's along the Transpenning Trail which is a round trip of 14 miles.

    why: should rest before R4L tomorrow. But might cycle today as I'm only intending to do run/walk splits tomorrow.

    Last hard: wednesday (gym)

    Last Easy: Friday (did an hour of tai chi which I really enjoyed)

    Next session: Sunday - Race for Life.

    Have a good day all and good luck if you're racing.

  • I hope you soon recover, me I go from one extreme to another...
    Quite an appropriate running metaphor.

    ABC, The Look of Love

    Nettle Lover, what's this Sunday `trot'? Last one to Bretton Park's a softie/

    What:long run setting off in about half an hour. Will see how I feel after yesterday's speedwork.

    Why:having a barbecue tonight for the cricket lads so a Sunday run would not be top quality.

    Last hard:yesterday

    Last rest:Monday
  • I was gonna say ABC but did'nt know the song title. It's one of those really annoying songs I hate! Sorry!

    What: 18M long run
    Why: organising road race tomorrow so can't do it then. I've got to go shopping before so it's gonna be a hot 10am start.

    Last hard: Thur
    Last rest: 8 days

    Happy training & racing this weekend everybody. I may not be around much due to the above!

  • Hope your long run goes better than mine BT.

    Meant to do 2hrs at around 7 min miling but legs were dead. After wading through two fields waist deep in crops dropped me from 7.07 miling to 7.25 I realised that I was getting no training benefit, so made it a `recovery' run of 9 miles @ 7.18 per mile.

    Now, do I do a hard run tomorrow or stick to just 5 easy miles?
  • BR-out of interest,how can you say that by dropping pace on what was meant to be your long run would give you no training benefit? I thought the whole aim of the long run was not to really worry about time, although obviously most of us know roughly what sort of pace we will be running for the distance. But surely even dropping secs per mile would still give some training effect?

    Good luck racers this weekend!

    What:another lazy day, because of my own race tomorrow, which is 9 hard hilly miles and I mean HILLY! 3 rest days this week, I'm slacking!! It's my easy week really!
  • We all need easy weeks now and then Hilly.

    There must be a cut off point for everyone beyond which the long run becomes too slow to do any good.

    Today I just felt that it was too slow due to the speedwork yesterday and that I'd be better off cutting it short and trying again tomorrow when I've had more time to recover (may be tomorrow night so I can recover from barbecue as well). This isn't scientific fact, just how I feel at the moment.

    Good luck with your race tomorrow.
  • Hi,

    what: my first Pilates class.

    Good luck to all racing Peeps.
  • I 'see' what you mean. I suppose apart from when I'm marathon training I just use my long run as a time to just get out there and have 'time on my feet', especially if running off road. Although, like you did today, if I feel I'm going too slow or feeling too tired then I'd cut it short!

    Thanks for the well wishes for my race tomorrow. I'm not sure what time to go for as I've only ever done it once before when I was a lot less fitter. It's all road, but some nasty steep long hills to contend with, so I shall have to run as I feel, I think. Mind isn't that what we do mostly anyhow!
  • Just back from early morning 8 miles, s'posed to be fartlek but just ran the whole lot at fairly steady pace! Did try to pick up pace on uphills though...its getting a little easier.

    Racing tomorrow - 4 miles and would LOVE to achieve 30 mins - not sure thats' possible - pb is about 32:30 over 4. Will give it a go!

    Cath take care with that recovery and good luck in RFL - its a fab event.
  • Pollard, turquoise vest, shades, head partly obscured. Halfway up in the middle.
  • Glad you said that BT, I think if we're going to start using ABC lyrics I may have to boycott this thread, there have to be some standards!

    Well done on your session yesterday BR and good luck with your race Hilly, Cath (hope pain gets better soon) and happyrunning.

    There's a faint track marked on the grass in the school playing fields, if I were to use that for running 400/800 ms, how do I work out target lap times bearing in mind grass slows you down?

    What: easy recovery run.
    Why: long run yesterday, and another one tomorrow.

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    What a nice morning that was for a bike ride. Didn't quite find the cafe in Elton, in fact didn't find Elton - well I did find a sign for it but only after I'd stopped at a post office and bought a packet of cakes and some pop so decided not to be too greedy. Anyway managed 3.5 hours (went out at 7) but after eating 4 cakes have probably gained a few pounds on the way, maybe I should have a look in RW to see if they've got any tips on tasty but non fattening treats for bike rides.

    Is anyone racing today ? Good luck if you are.
  • Good luck to those racing this weekend.

    What: Absolutley nothing today or tommorrow.

    Having first rest today after two weeks and a 10km last night where I broke 36 mins (35:42) for first time on an undulating course in Kilkenny. Quite chuffed as also finished second and won a nice prize. Tommorrow heading back to Turkey.

  • LestradeLestrade ✭✭✭
    What - 7 miles steadily

    Tapering for Edinburgh next weekend

    Rest tomorrow.
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Well done Simon. You must have taken a fair chunk off your pb then.
  • ..........Have a good run all those competing this weekend.
  • Morning everyone. Good luck to anyone racing.

    What: am 5 miles @ 10k pace, pm 15 miles cycling
    Why: As scheduled
    Last hard: Yesterday
    Last rest: Sunday

    Run felt really hard but I was not surprised as I have been doing two sessions a day for most of this week.
  • Oy, BR! I do NOT want a hard one (ooerr!) tomorrow morning! I will be dragging at the back if you zoom off!

    Grouting awaits, then hopefully time for a quickie (eeek, more innuendo!) before I go out visiting.

    How does 9.5 min miling sound?
  • Hi all. Only did a 3 mile with a big hill today after a 10 mile yesterday at marathon pace. Only a week left to Stockholm Marathon and I am very nervous! Will take it very easy this coming week. Off to Sweden on Tuesday.
  • Afternoon all. Much posting, I see.

    I'll be putting my feet up, cos it's the Dorking 10 tomorrow, and I might have a bash at ducking under 1:20 on my ancestral stamping ground. Didn't trot last night, but that's fine by me.

    Happy running, and good luck racers, especially Cath tomorrow.
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