How often should you change your running shoes?


Have been running for about 2 years now (on and off) and still have the same running shoes - I am averaging about 7km three times a week and currently training for my first 10k race!!

 I was wondering how often should you change your running shoes? not having any problems with them they are just a bit dirty and did get very wet during the winter with all the snow and rain!

Any advice would be great



  • 21k a week x 104 weeks is a lot of running in the same pair. My average is around 500/600km per pair.

    It depends on lots of things - weight, gait etc. Rule of thumb seems to be up to 500 miles.

  • Yes, 500 miles is oft quoted. I find that I get less as I`m quite heavy and a bit of a stomper but my legs start telling me when my trainers aren`t doing their job as I get a couple of tell-tale aches.
  • thanks

     I am on the large size and have noticed my legs aching a bit lately... so look like i will have to go ad treat my self to a shiny new pair image

  • Everyone is different - but yours should easily be well knackered.

     I like to have a couple of pairs on the go and when I find more aches after running in one pair - then I know its time for a change.

  • you should change them when to top bit starts to come away from the bottom bit, the people that quote 500miles per pair are the shoe makers who want you to buy more shoes.

  • Marcus - you stick that rule then, kid. Me? I`m looking for some new Equalons tonight!
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    I've heard one shoe seller quote 300 miles.  Can't imagine spending another £150 in six weeks time!  Especially not when they're just starting to get comfortable.

    I need to get a new pair because my little toe's gone through the sides of one.  Other pair still going fine though.  No idea how many miles in them now as I gave up counting about six months ago.  rfbr, you probably deserve a new pair, but don't count the miles, look for the wear.

  • Sweet baby cheeses ! Do shoes really cost £150 ?
  • yep think I will treat myself - but not for £150!!!!  image

  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭
    Shh, Cougie, don't tell the specialists, but after they quote me prices I head down to JJB...
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    From this site:

    "When should I replace my trainers?

    There is no definite figure for this. The general concensus is that trainers should be replaced after 200-450 miles of running, so to maximise the properties they offer you you’ll need to replace them after you’ve run this distance. This may also be influenced by your body weight and running style. Some research has even suggested this distance may be as low at 200 miles. If you can see that the heels have worn down, the trainers will also need to be changed. How long your trainers last timewise is dependant on you and your training plan/weekly mileage."

    image 200 miles!  Every 3-4 weeks!!



    Try our <a href='http://mileage calculator' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>mileage calculator</a> to get a reminder when your trainers need replacing.

  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭
    Sorry, couldn't get that last link edited off...  Probably came from that sales site.
  • Ratzer wrote (see)

    I've heard one shoe seller quote 300 miles. 

    this is my whole point, i would need to buy a new pair every 3weeks!
  • hi everyone     Ive run now on the same pair almost 18 months and one sole has worn out while the other seems to have its patern still, ran in them 550 miles.right knee aches all the time,walk during my runs now.                                                                                                                                                             

  • Longevity of running shoes depends a lot on how you are built, how well suited they are to your running gait and the type of shoe. Basically, the lighter a shoe, the less time it will last - running flats are often knackered after 200 miles or so, but this is specialist kit.

    A pair of tougher running shoes made for a 100kg pronator will last longer - 500 miles - but be careful you don't have irregular wear - i.e. much greater wear pattern on one side or at the back. This gives the shoes a much shorter life.

    I'm just 66kg and have neutral gait. My shoes easily last 1000kms and I tend to have 3 pairs on a cycle. Newest pair is reserved for longest runs, a pair with 500kms is then used for medium length runs and the oldest pair, say 850kms, is then used for short and recovery runs. Any speedwork (intervals or threshold runs) are done in a 4th pair of lightweight running shoes. I just replace them when they feel dead - usually about 600kms.

    This shoe rotation means I tend to avoid lower leg injuries. Cheers, TD.

  • I bought a pair of running shoes back in May 11. I run approx 18-20 miles a week, hoping to increase this though. Looking at the bottom of my trainers, one is looking more worn than the other. I think I have a neutral gait, maybe verging slightly on the under pronated side, as the wear does seem to be on the outside of the heel but then more over to the inside at the front of my foot. Perhaps I should get it analysed properly. Anyway, how worn should the shoes look before I replace them? I was always led to believe its every 350 - 400 miles, which is about every 6 months for me. Does this sound right or can I get more wear out of them? I don't spend a fortune on my shoes, about £80-£90, although I have seen a pair for £120, which have brilliant reviews, so I think I will take the plunge and buy these next. Any advise would be great, I'm still new to running as I only took it up in January 11. Thank you SN image
  • £150+ or even £80 - £90 be damned - you can get them for a lot less than that at Sports Direct.  My Asics Pulse 2 shoes have a RRP of around £80, but I got them at SD for £44. 
  • I'm running a marathon a month for Help for Heroes and have been told I will need to change my running shoes every 200 miles. I'm just under 9st and 5ft4 but the mileage will kill my lighter than light Asics GT-2170s.

    Here's a link to my blog that features info about my training and the best trainers in the world for under £100

  • as soon as I notice more than usual achiness in my legs.
  • hi i am a novice runner and only do approximately 5K twice a week.  i have had my shoes for 12 months (brooks) my hips and knees ache for days after and i have pain in my shins.  this is putting me off running and makes me feel old (43yrs).

    do i need to change my shoes???  help and advice much appreciated

  • I purchased my Asics last July when I started road running, never had a problem with them until of recent when the balls of my feel started aching image I have done just over 500 miles in them.  I have another pair I purchased for trail running (also Asics) earlier in the year so have started wearing them and the aches seem to have more or less disappeared.  I guess that answers the problem I need new road runners image

  • I've never yet changed my shoes under 1000miles, but I'm disgusted with the last pair whose soles have worn through in only 220miles. I use a previous 1000mile+ pair as knockabouts and they aren't worn nearly so badly.

  • aws - what make are they ?

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