how to wear my orthotics?

been wearing my heel raise insert for a few days and and the start it was a buit weird. slowly getting used to it now though. this is to correct the difference in leg length (1cm).

one question i'm sure my podiatrist answered but i cant for the life of me remember the answer. should i wear them under or over the insoles. or does it matter either way.

so far i've been wearing them under.

also, as i've only got the one, i've only been wearing them in my running shoes around the house so maybe 3 or 4 hrs a day max. i'm wondering if i should i swap them between all my shoes so that i'm always wearing them. should i? if so i think i'll get 3 or 4 to save the hassle of keeping removing and inserting.


  • Well, my podiatrist said wear them instead of insoles (they're squishy, not 'hard' moulded ones) or put the insoles on top but definitely NOT underneath. More than that, I can't help. But I'd be interested to hear the answer!

    If I can tack a question on, I've had mine for three days (made my own before!) but I'm racing tomorrow - 10 miles. Should I whip the orthoses out and go back to what I was doing before, or would I be fairly safe to accelerate the breaking-in process?
  • you should definitely put them on top as you will get no effect!!

    i would leave the insole in as you will lose a small amount of cushioning, it may not seem alot but it makes the differnce!

    i don't personally wear them but i work very closely with a podiatrist.
  • An alternative - cut the insole to fit snugly with the orthotic. BUT, that means you will need a slight overlap for the edge of the orthotic to be on top of the insole. This was done for me at a running shop. It seemed an obvious thing to do when I was aware of it, as before then I had run without an insole. Use a marker pen to note where the front of the orthotic lays on the insole. Then cut the insole but leave a little 'overhang' so that the two fit comfortably together. If you feel the overlap is too great you could take a sliver off later.
    Good Luck.
  • Paul, sorry but I forgot to add that I wear mine in all my shoes now. I don't put them in slippers, or one pair of trainers 'cos they don't fit well.
    I have just one pair. They would be expensive for me to buy so I've never considered different orthotics for different shoes.
  • Paul, If these orthotics were custom made, i.e. from a cast then on top of insole, but if a heel insert that you can buy for £2.50 and stick to floor of shoe, then wear them underneath. As yours are for a leg length difference, then I think to wear them in all shoes you wear for a length of time.

    Swerve - When introducing my orthotics was told not run in them for 2 weeks!!! It took a good week for my muscles to stop aching from just wearing them while walking.

  • Thanks, dunworking. Temporarily back to Plan A it is then!
  • Cheers all. I've started to wear them on top. They are custom made but they are just a heel insert.

    They were only £15 so i think i'll get another couple ordered so that i can leave them in my work shoes.

    I was also told no running for a couple of weeks Swerve. Hard isn't it. Week and a half to go....
  • paul i,m a pod student and give these thingsout all the time. In your case if the insert is only a heel raise and has no other orthotic features then under the insole is best. If you get some more ask for the heel raise on a freelens insole which will replace the trainer and work shoe one. There the same as trainer insoles and dirt cheap.
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