Where have all the plodders gone

Where is everyone today?

Did slow 10 (actually closer to 11) in tail down to 1/2 Marathon next week, and felt much better than last weeks horrid plod. Out later than usual so saw lots of people I know, although less than pleased that one asked how far I WALK!


  • well, im on call
    And theres no registrar
    So i SHUOLD have gone this early am, oh woe, will i have time now?
  • I like the title!!

    Get out there Hippo - you know you want to!!

    Well done FLR - that person was obviously just jealous of your superior abilities and was trying to make themselves feel better.

    Rest day for this one today - Ive been at work all morning - boo! :(

    However, I am going out for a plod tomorrow morning - how long? Depends on what the wife's up to/how bad her hangover is!

    Happy Plodding!!

  • Alf, i CANT

    Im on call, and shortly due back at the hospital:(
  • Never mind, there's always tomorrow morning :)))
  • ps - i like the new picture. Is that 'swimwear hippo'?
  • Im not wearing anything Alf

    Im also on call all of tomorrow, just hope i daont get called during the run
  • nothing!! Phwooooarrrr! I need to zoom in on that picture...

    Off 'ome now. Enjoy the rest of the weekend :)))))))))))))
  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭
    No Plod for me today a rest day done some gardening instead

    Tomorrow is my long run

    Good luck FLR with 1/2 marathon can I ask what has been your longest run as i am doing one in september?

    Tis beautiful outside enjoy the weekend!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Easy half hour jog today, 10k undulating trail race tomorrow....
  • SmitchSmitch ✭✭✭
    Hi all, just back from lovely 7 mile plod round the woods and back. Saw loads of little lambs and a deer too. Felt all naturistic (not the naked kind), apart from the fact that I had a "Euphoria" mix banging out in my ears at the time...

    It was quite hot out there though. Have a good day all!
  • I've been away and drove home from Oldham today, calling in on aged auntie in Leominster on the way. Took all my plodding gear with me but on the first night away ended up in A&E with a UTI (not pleasant) but hopefully will go on a gentle plod tomorrow. Today I need to recover.
  • 3 miles walk
    Now sick patients to see
  • Poppy, the furthest I've raced before is 8.2 miles, but I have done 13 miles, once, in training, and it was v. tough. Felt good today though, and still up for going dancing tonight (just) so hopeful I'll survive next week, even if last over the line.

    Well done Hippo, I'm hoping you're a dr, and not just having to visit sick patients as some sort of hobby. Is that a hippocratic pun in your name then?

  • No FLR

    Hippo is cos im a large being
  • 6 mile plod with my plodding group today...actually ran the bridges today for some simulated-hill work. Moved up to the faster plod group too...yea
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