Natty new Nike jacket

Hi guys

I am sure that everyone has seen the latest Runners World and the advert for the new Nike stuff. Does anyone know where to get the 'Mens Low Friction Tricot Jacket' from yet?? I need a summer(ish) jacket for my chilly morning runs and it is perfect (good colour too).

I tried in London Niketown today, but they stared blankly at me when I asked about it. So no luck there, I cheered myself up with a running rucksack (see rucksack thread) instead.

But if anyone sees this jacket, can they please let me know??


  • Ello , I think a local sweatshop branch may furnish your needs , dont forget to give us a full report if you manage to get hold of one , they look rather slinky in a Paula Radcliffe sort of way
  • Hmm. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried a Sweatshop today too, with no luck either.

    It does not help that we don't have a 'local' running shop that stocks a large range of Nike stuff down here. I have to travel to Woking and upwards to get to a decent store.

    I was wondering how slinky they are actually!! I think I may need to up the mileage to fit in one!
  • I tried Sweatshop for this last week, but no luck. The only thing they could do is order a one off, and you'd have to put a deposit down for it. I called Nike Direct, but some rude woman said "ring Niketown" and was of no help at all. If you're happy to buy one without trying, then give Sweatshop a call... If anyone does manage to get one please report back.
  • Go up to customer services in NikeTown. They should be able to get it for you mail order - I think you only have to pay after you get it delivered, so if you don't like it just send it back and it doesn't cost you a penny.
  • Not meant to sound like boasting but I bought one about a month ago in the states.

    So far I've only worn it once and it was pretty comfortable. It rained half way through the run and seemed to repel more water than it absorbed, and I stayed reasonably cool.

    My only criticism is that the collar chaffed my freshly shaved neck.
  • Anyone know how much they are gonna cost?
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