Chairmans Challenge Celtic Manor Resort.

I might go and plod round this 'undulating course' who else on here is going.


  • Possibly, depends on how my knees are feeling in the morning. Starts down hill then a few miles of undulations with the last two miles representing the "Challenge". If you are going to enter on the day they want you there by 10.00.

    Might see you there. Be advised you will not get a 10k PB.
  • Typical
    I move out of wales, and all these races start cropping up
  • PB?
    I did it in 2001 and I thought it was an 8 miler.
  • I survived for a finish in 56.00. I think you can safely call my 24.50/31.10 a positive split. That was hard and I'm really grateful to God for turning the sun on just as the serious climbs started.

    Well organised and a nice tee shirt, makes a change from the usual white. I'll be back next year. This added 6.12 to this years 10k PB.

    Lager time.
  • Hey, i was there today, didn't expect any other forumites would be there though, only decided to go last minute and sped off down the M4, just managed to get myself registered for the race at 10.20 am.
    I finished in 48 minutes but have just emailed the race organiser to find out if they will be posting the official results and times somewhere.
    Not sure who won or what the finishing time was, but i really did love those hills :)
  • I agree... nice T-shirt
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