Attention Ratbag

I know its early days, but I've just been looking at the hotel you stayed in at London last year, Single rooms online next April for £45.oo a night as opposed to £125!!!! And that includes breakfast.


  • did you see this R.B? Boing just in case.
  • Hello George,

    Thanks for that.

    I'm thinking of booking now but have no place sorted yet.

    On the other hand I guess I could cancel.

    Thanks again.

    Hopefully we can make it a meeting point for the evening before.

    BTW, where did you see it?

    All the best,

  • I enquired about prices on the hotel website a couple of months ago and had an e-mail back telling me that they couldn't quote me because it was too early but to enquire again later. Sunday night I went online and the price was there . I think it was /is a special offer for early booking.
    Try the website - its Should we let others into the site ? Maybe some of the original forum members who have worked so hard .?
  • Let me get my booking in first...
  • Or you could all just stay at Jimmy Floyd Hassellbainks lovely appartment.
  • Or Tooting Palace!
  • Or even his good friend Eidur Gudjonsen's!
    Does any of you guys live and enter races in the yorkshire/lincs area? Im from Doncaster and may know you. ( :
  • is that 45quid per night or per hour....
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