The Running Man

Having been laid up in bed with a nasty lurgee I read a book that someone got me for Christmas:

The Running Man by Gilbert Tuhabonye

Whether you are a runner or not all I can do is urge you to read it.  It is an autobiographical account of a Burundian middle distance runner who, just as he is nearing his peak running potential, is caught up in the ethnic rivalries between Tutsis and Hutus.  He is the sole survivor of quite the most horrific attack on a school you will ever read about (lying under his classmates smouldering bodies for hours, using a red hot femur to break a window in order to escape, 40% burns etc).  And somehow he gets back up to elite level running without being bitter or hostile towards his attackers.

 It is a truly inspirational story that is really well written by a seemingly thoroughly decent bloke.



  • Read this book last September, as you say was an interesting story. Really quite shocking what he has been through.
  • sounds a good one i'll have a look on Amazon.

    Have you read 'the other hand' by Chris Cleave, some might dismiss as an airport novel but it's a great read and covers African Brutality brilliantly, a very uplifting story.

  • I must admit that I didn't feel anywhere near as sorry for myself with "Manflu" when I was reading about this type of suffering!
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