what is the matter with me?

I have a brain that thrives on endorphins

a body that cannot sit still

A type AAA personality that does everything to the exteme

a stressful job that requires distraction

I LOVE training for something but it has to HURT


as a consequence I end up constantly injured

I've lost count of the increasingly bizarre and impossible to heal consequences of training I've managed to acquire....

shin splints 2006

lateral meniscus posterior horn tear 2007

metatarsalgia left foot 2007

central serous retinopathy x 4 from 2007

cellulitis right forearm (after a burn whilst cooking then falling onto burn in a pilates class) 2007

nerve palsy left hand from cycling needing steroid injection 2008

Bizarre hip injury 2008 needing steroid injection ?top of ITB insertion

shoulder niggles on and off 2009 from excessive swimming whilst waiting frim bits of the above to heal

Morton's neuroma (?) left foot 2009 appeared after GNR 2009 - awaiting Ultrasound

Smashed left knee on gate cycling 2009 - not right since; MRI'd today

Hanstring tendonitis/ tear 2010 whilst cycling


should I just listen to my genes.

I come from a family of sedentary couch potatoes.

Maybe there's an evolutionary reason for that and I should just give in now?



  • please don't say that
  • I've never had stress fractures

    I'm somewhat older than you and probably don't heal as well...

  • (K9) Poor you. image

    You should have an Injury Loyalty Card with that impressive list... If you lived near me I'd definitely give you a discount on treatment!

    *offers a large bar of G&B butterscotch*

  • image

    thanks Siance

  • Yeeeeeeeowch K9....and big hugs from me!
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    "nerve palsy left hand from cycling needing steroid injection 2008"

    Can you elaborate a little K9?  i.e. what were the symptoms and did the injection work?

  • morning


    rather tired last night and had had a large glass of red wineimage

    Siance - I woke up this morning with a large bar of G&B butterscotch choc by my bed - honest!! Pressie from the OH

    Sossidge - thanksimage

    Mr Puffy - when I first got my road bike, I didn't appreciate how much vibration goes through your hands and didn't wear any gloves. Woke up one morning with excruciating shooting pain going from my palm into the adjacent sides of my index and middle finger....the pain got worse and then I got numbness in those fingers! It felt like the skin was being ripped off them every time I straightened my fingers. A surgeon thought I had a little tendon nodule irritating the nerve in my hand and gave me a steroid injection which worked brilliantly for the pain, but the numbness took 6 months to go, and the nodule is still there and now the size of a large peaimage

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    Oooer! I asked because because i thought it sounded like something my friend suffers from.
  • I fell off my push bike BIG STYLE whilst recovering from a hip injury. The physio thought it would be a good idea (to go for a bike ride, not fall off). You should have seen her face when she saw me leg with not-a-lot-of-skin-on-it.

    Achlles Tendonitiis

    Peroenal tendonitis

    Bursititis in ankle

    Runners knees

    Couple of cracked ribs

    Head split open (too low a branch, too long a legs)

    One nail off big toe


    (edited for appalling spelling.) (Dont you always wonder why people chnge their emails... more so on the more emotive topics) (my change was boring)

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