I sufer from dyspraxia and think this is the reason my running has never imroved i have been running for a year and am still at 13 min miles can any one help.


  • keep on running lynne - your speed will improve if you want it to - I promise
  • Lynne , how severe are your symptoms ( if its not being too nosey ) ?

    Maybe running with a club or partner would speed you up a bit ?
  • What specific problems do you experience, Lynne? It may be possible to develop strategies to reduce their impact.

    I started FLM alongside someone who had very noticeable cerebral palsy, and she was anticipating 6 hours, which would be about your speed. 13-minute miles are still running!
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    Not sure exactly what dyspraxia is, but there are quite a lot of us who have extra problems to cope with running, but we manage to have fun.

    Running slow is in my opinion worlds better than not running.

    I'm aiming for sub 6 hours at Abingdon (that's when they up stakes and go home). Think I'll make it, but possibly not by much.

    Choice company that end of the pack. Ask the Penguin.
  • dyspraxia is a co ordination disability not unlike dyslexia.I have accepted this however iam always looking for new coping methods. the self help group is good for this but at presant there no runners. thanks for your suport and good luck at abingdon.
  • I was under the impression that dyspraxia was most prevalent in fien motor skills such as writing - hence a number of students where I teach use computers instead. Does it have a major affect on your running coordination?

    Not trying to be nosey, just interested.
  • My son is supposed to have mild dyspraxic features in addition to barn-door Asperger syndrome. He's fine with gross motor activities such as running and cycling, and positively talented at construction tasks. It's just his handwriting and drawing that are very immature. But I have known dyspraxic children (no adults yet) who had severe difficulty with co-ordination, handedness and judging distance.
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