Sunday 8th June


What - definitely 5 easy miles showing clubmate part of the Barnsley Boundary Route, then I think I might do an extra 10 @ 7m/m pace on my own.

But - full of chicken and crisps and lager after bbq.

So - we'll wait and see

Thought the lyrics appropriate as my training partner is away doing the National Vets Track Championship so 2 solo runs.


  • LestradeLestrade ✭✭✭
    Morning, beat me to it!

    What - Rest day
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    What: well it was going to be 11 miles steady (why 11 - because I want to crack 50 for the week), but feel I might benefit more from a run to the track and some shorter intervals than I normally do, maybe 400-1000s? But then I had July and August down for sharpening work so maybe I should stick to 4*1600s? Let's sleep on it.

  • Mornin, wet in the E midlands

    What - 11 miles with last 4 at 80% on HRM

    Why - If I don't concentrate at the end of a run, I 'droop'

    Last Hard - Thur
    Last rest - Sat
  • Mornin' all,

    what: Crewkerne 9
    last hard: wednesday
    last rest: yesreday

    Good Luck all runners running, racing resting or recovering :-)
  • See you there 1/2M G!

    What:Crewkerne 9
    Last hard:??
    Last rest:Friday
  • 4 miles
    there was a hill involved
  • Morning

    Will be doing the Beckenham 10k run this morning hoping for a PB and will give it my all.

    Will post back later

    Good luck Hilly and 1/2 marathon girl
  • Good luck to all you racers.

    Popsider, why not do both? Warm up for 3 miles, do your 4x1600 (making 7) with 400m jog recoveries (making 8) then warm down for 3 miles.
  • morning all,

    what : swim and gym session
    why : still "breaking" body into orthotics so no running for another week or so.
    last hard : oooh thats a tough one.
    last rest : ahhh, thats much easier, yesterday.

    only 4 weeks 'till 16 week Dublin schedule starts so looking forward to gettig back into a serious routine.

    good luck all todays's racers.
  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭
    6.9 miles today and did it at Level 3-4 for HRM and it felt a lot better no feeling faint at end and needing too lie down.

    Good luck to all racers
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • 11 miles or so. Slow.

    A sort of compromise long run since did about 8 yesterday evening. Looks to be fine racing weather hereabouts. Good luck guys/gals.
  • Greetings

    Not too many aches after yesterday's unfamiliar exercise (tennis)so efforts on the upper body conditioning in the gym must be doing something. My game was pretty cr@p though!

    What - 7 miles slow
    Why - only planned to do 5 but got caught up in the wrong group. Only wanted 5 cos I'm doing Tour of Epsom Series with a race every night next week and I can't remember when I last ran 5 days in a row.
    Last hard - Thursday
    Last easy - Wednesday (resting Fri/Sat)
  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    What: Housecleaning (done it). Have locked trainers away, as legs need a couple of days off, and I don't want a couple of days off just now. But I wish to save up juice for a long slow run on Tuesday.

    Hope everybody's races/long runs/rest days went well.

  • Today's run over. 1st part of 4.88 miles done in 7.24m/m showing clubmate Cannon Hall to Bretton leg of boundary relay. Then 7 miles of my leg averaging a respectable 6.51m/m including some pretty overgrown sections and some severe nettles.

    Today the bulls showed little interest until I was near the end of the field then trotted over. As I was already on the stile I tried the waving of arms and shouting. They looked at me quizzically then carried on advancing.

    Looking forward to race reports later. A nice day for it.
  • Home and dissapointed!!

    Back from the Beckenham 10k run, and to be honest it was hell, had rested pretty good this week and slept quite well last night so not sure what went wrong.

    Was at the start line, which I never normally get to, and started off strong, a big hill right from the off, kinda tough, but pushed on, did not see the first km post but passed the second in 7 mins dead, thought this was good, then a stitch came along and lasted for like the next 4k, I could not shift it, the hill on the main road killed me, I was going flat out and had no more in the legs,decided to keep at a steady pace and give my all towards the end.

    From 8k I had felt better so pushed on and went for it, looking at my watch I knew that a PB was not gonna happen in the last km, think I may have slowed at that point coz I was frustrated with the time, but took the last 250m well, came in about 39 min, forgot to stop my watch as I fumbled to grab a water.

    So not a PB and not near the 37.20 I was aiming, but I was caught out from the hills, and if I look back at the first 2k, think I went off too fast and suffered.

    Enjoyed the run and met up with some forumites which was nice.

    Back to the speedwork I guess.
  • Hope all racers had a great time.

    What: 14 'undulating' miles
    Why: It's a really nice route and I'm trying to get back into the habit of regular long runs.
    Last hard run: Thursday
    Last rest day: Friday

    Went over 40 miles this week for the first time since end of Feb/ beginning of March.
  • Speedie,
    solid run mate, don't be too disappointed, 39 min for 10K is nothing to sniff at and it sounds like a tough course too, so I'd say CONGRATS are in order, nice one.

    BTW 7 min for 2K is 35:00 pace!!!!!!!!
  • Thanks MM think all I need to do now is work on my speed training and find a nice flat 10k to see what I can actually achieve
    I know that a 37 is possible from past runs.
  • Well, I've just got back from a "4 mile fun run!!" - it was actually 4 and half and very hilly, and hot - so fun?!!

    Anyway, pretty pleased, did my usual trick of starting too fast - 2 x 7:25 ish miles is FAR too fast for me - but finished I think around 36:50 which is 8:11 on average. With the hills involved and the heat I'm chuffed to bits with that! Worryingly tho' my son entered, no prep whatsoever, just thought Oh ok I'll have a go......and finished 37:53 - 7th in his category which was 9- 11 yrs and he is 9!! WOW!!

    I'm not looking forward to the day he overtakes me but if he does any training whatsoever I can see it coming!!
  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    Happyrunning- enjoy it. No race I've ever won has matched the delight with which I have watched my kids collect trophies!

    Beating the elders is an excellent first step and definitely whets the apetite for more.
  • afternoon all -

    well done, Happyrunning Jr.!!!! nice one.

    Speedie - sounds like a great result to me on a tough course, congrats!

    hope all you other racers had good outings.

    what - 18M with some hills, bringing weekly total to just 65 miles. managed 82 miles last week, but a rest day this week played havoc with the mileage. is it possible to do high mileage weeks and rest as well? doesn't look like it to me. :-(
  • What: did the same leg of the Boundary run that BR did also. Showing a bloke where to go (mainly up for ages then down for ages!).

    After this I actually (incredulous because of my usual motivation - ie minimal) stopped the car halfway home and did another 5 miler! Lots of overgrown footpaths and electric fence, raced a goat in a field (I won!).

    Why: to beat the rain and get some nice blotchy legs!
  • Afternoon all.

    Well done Speedie and Happyrunning JNR!

    18miles Achilles, are you doing a marathon?

    Well today I did what must be the toughest road race I've ever done and now I remember why I've left it 4 years to do it again!

    Seriously, it's 9 miles of all hill. Why we seem to go up more than we came down I don't know, but that's how it felt.

    Thought the weather was going to be kind to us, but in the true spirit of summer the sun came out with a vengence just before the off. Then continued to go in and out causing me much discomfort! I felt like my brain was going to fry at one stage!

    Anyhow, the actual race started with me going off a little too fast for the first loop of the town. After the loop of about 1/2 mile it's straight on to the hills, which were relentless and I felt very sick by 3 miles. Continued to suffer for about a mile with stomach problems and decided to ease off a little. Got passed by quite a few at this stage, but I really couldn't care as my stomach was griping heavily.

    Got to about 5 miles and the sickness eased off, so pushed on again, catching a few who had overtaken me earlier. Some real nasty hills took their toll on many in the next few miles. I was so glad I'd taken my energy drink with me as I needed by now!

    At 8 miles there was a huge hill that was near enough vertical! At the top of the hill I had a 'second wind' and knowing there was only 2 miles left I tried to stretch out. The finish was a blessing for me today and I have to say I did not enjoy much of the race.

    Was 4th lady in 66mins and 1st f35. Got a nice silver plate for my prize and an extra large t-shirt,(another to wear to bed)pen and banana for doing the race.

    Well marshalled and good number of water stations.

    Will I do it again?

    Maybe in another 4 years!

    Felt a little sorry for 3rd lady as they only did prizes for first 2 ladies and 1st f35, me in 4th so she got nothing.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Afternoon everyone, well done Happy Running and your little'un, hope you enjoyed it. Never mind Speedie, 39 mins is still a good effort, aren't stitches a bloody nuisance!

    I hereby submit my report from the Stamford Bridge 3.5 miler this morning (that is the Stamford Bridge east of York, not the home of Ranieri, Zola and Co.). Woke up at 07.30 and it was slashing it down, not very encouraging. Fortunately as the morning progressed the skies gradually brightened and conditions turned out to be a bit warm but OK.

    Just a bit of background, the race was organised for the BLISS premature baby charity. Linda, the prime race organiser, lost a prematurely born baby a couple of years ago and this race was only happening because of her desire to raise funds for this worthy cause so many thanks to her.

    Off we went then, despite a stiffish headwind I go through the 1st mile in 5:55 in about 10th place. The 2nd mile has a bit of a climb in it so I go through in a slighly more modest 6:17. I use the 3rd mile to pick off a couple of runners in front, go through in 6:05. My lungs are about bursting now, I have never sustained anything like this pace for this distance. I do the last half mile in 3:00 dead, overall time 21:17 (average 6:04/6:05), and in 8th position (out of 119 apparently).

    I stay for a cup of tea and a bun at race HQ and listen to the prize giving. I just missed out on a V45 prize (4th) but as two of the guys who beat me are 2:50 marathon runners I decided there was no shame in that. Turned out I was right to stay on, two of my club's V40 ladies (who had gone home) finished 1st and 3rd in their category so I collected their prize shields. When I got home I decided to do a 5 mile warm down circuit of the town. This included delivering the two said prizes to the unsuspecting and delighted girls. I had only been back from this run for 15 minutes when thunder and lightning and blustery rain started, lucky me.

    Last word to Linda the organiser, thanks for the race and very well done for raising £500 for your charity.

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Hilly, I must have been writing my report as you were writing yours. Well done indeed, sounds like a real grueller.
  • Is that Linda, aka mini Egg?
  • Well done yourself Wardi, good time and a very worthy cause!!
  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    Hilly, Wardi, t'rific.

    Re BLISS, all for it. Spent a week in Special Care Baby Unit when my 3rd was born (he was not prem, just had problems). Scary.

    Hilly, what's the best to do about feeling sick? That presently is what limits my efforts to run faster.
  • Hello chaps, sorry about my recent silence have been a bit busy- it is weed growing weather so I have bben spending a lot of spare time at the allotment.
    What today I did a two hour run, maybe 14 15 miles, half in sunshine half in heavy rain. Feel better now my distance is back into double figures.
    Off for a swim later, did a bike ride yesterday.
  • Stickless-I'm not really sure what the answer is to feeling sick. For me I just had to back off the pace until the feeling passed. It's not something I suffer with very often but for some reason today my stomach wasn't right. All part of being a women sometimes!

    Monique-doing your allotment must do wonders for a suntan! As long as the weather is good obviously!
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