John O'groats to Lands end

Ateam of 6 runners will be running from John O'groats to Lands end in a continuos relay,each runner will complete a 10 k leg with approx 4 hours break in between.Each runner will be running approx 25 miles a day. We will be starting on June the 14th and hopeing to cover the distance in 6 days.Has anybody else taken on this challenge?,if so let us know.


  • Wheres timothy?
  • hi, my training partner is the world record holder for this run (andi rivett). covered the full distance in 9 days and 2 hours.he knocked a full day off the previous record, works out averaging running around 95 miles per day,phew!!
  • Hi Paul, Benz.
    I think the relay is a different kettle of fish so to speak.
    I've heard tales of runners doing 100metre sprints near the finsh to get the time!
  • any idea what the record is for the relay and is it a set number of people?
  • One of the local clubs uo here are doing it this month over 10 days they are running and riding the whole route
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