Rome Marathon 2011

Anyone headed to Rome??  Registration is now open, this will be my first trip to Italy and so excited.  I've registered & submitted my health form.   SO I'm just patiently waiting, seems like a slow process.


  • Hi, 

     A friend and I have both signed up (2nd ever marathon), but we're having trouble paying. The credit card /visa payment  were denied so I wanted to try the Bank transfer, despite the fees. However my bank managed to stump me with one question, the name of the account I'm paying into. I can't see what part of the T&C instructions is the account name. I'm guessing its the L.go Franchellucci Roma?? If anyone could shed any light, that would be really helpful.

    Bank transfer, (bank charges are on the payer), to:
    Atielle Roma srl c/o Banca Popolare di Milano Ag.257
    L.go Franchellucci Roma
    IBAN CODE: IT82G0558403206000000011690


  • My first transation with my card was denied as well but I tried again which worked.  I'm in the USA and wasn't sure it would work however make sure the name is exact on the card, for me I left out the middle initial which usually doesn't matter for this it did.  I would definitely send off an email if your unsure about the bank transfer, you dont want to pay the wrong person.  Just don't expect a swift response image   

    I just uploaded my health form again last night so we'll see.  Orig I had sent the wrong one (2009) which I got off their site so I sent the correct one they emailed 2x now. 

  • Thanks for the info Anthony. I will give the card another go then. I've emailed them twice now and still no response. I managed to get the Transfer details translated by an italian friend over the internet and he said that it doesn't contain the account name. 

    These things are never simple. I'll keep an eye out for the health form, as I suspect I may have the wrong one too.


  • Hey Nathan, the correct health form has a "document ID N" space on it for your passport #.  That was the only difference I saw from the one I submitted orig and the one they emailed me.
  • Thanks again, yes I did have the wrong one (as did my friend!). Have the correct one now and seem to have successfully paid.  Just the health form to upload,  flights and hotel .....oh yes and the months and months of training.


  • Congrats on successful payment, let me know when/if your health form is received.  I've uploaded mine again a few days ago, still waiting...

    I booked a great B&B 2 blocks from the Colosseum.  I'm glad to be staying so close to the start/finish with a 9am start time which means extra sleep!

  • Damn sure I contributed to a Rome thread a week or so ago and it's disappeared. Never mind, I'll be hoping to get in for this one too, but I'll be leaving my entry application until November.
  • All my forms are NOW uploaded and I got my email confirmation, just waiting on the bib assignment now. 

     Anyone else headed to Rome?? 

  • hi guys,

    am heading to rome for my 2nd marathon and first trip to rome, have uploaded information but not heard anything from them awaiting bib number. has anyone else heard from them? emailed them twice with no reply. i have got my email confirmation and have paid with my credit card with no problems,

    Whats the name of the B&B you have booked near the coloseum??

    image Happy days!!!

  • Hey Pete, I'm still waiting for the confirmation letter myself even thou its been a week since I got the email saying my reg is complete.  I'm sure it'll take a bit more time, after all I've been working on this 5 weeks now.  image    I'm sure it's worth every hassle though and can't wait to get to Rome for my first time.

    I've booked a room at Nicolas Inn,

  • Hi Andy,

    so its taking you 5 weeks to get an email for reg is complete, cheers matey another four weeks to go then LOL!!! certainly will be worth the hassle am really looking forward to it will be amazing.

     ive booked flights already and now need asome where to stay will be looking tonight

    cheers image

  • I'm officially in, got my confirmation & bib# today!!    image
  • me to buddy just got my confirmation and bib number today image  image yipeeeee
  • I'm trying to enter the Rome Marathon but the website freezes when I click yes on previous Marathon details. Anyone else having this Problem?
  • Hi all, we're trying to put in for the marathon but struggling a bit. Do we fax off the health form and application form together then they contact us for payment? We tried to register online but it seems a bit haphazard. When google translated the website the options for gender were 'evil' and 'evil'! Hmmm.... one maybe but not both surely! Also our doctor is being a bit of a *&&% and is dragging his feet over signing the health form - any advice?? Really want this one, so any info you got is good image
  • Hi,  I was just wondering how much the Doctors charged for signing your health form?
  • He hasn't signed it yet but was looking at £102 for a private consulation. Needless to say we are going to try another route...
  • My Doctor has advised me the charge will be £88 so was wondering if this was right?!  Thanks for your reply.

  • My doctor charged £40 last year, then dropped the charge when i told him i was doing it for charity
  • Is it too late to get into the Rome Marathon? It would be my first. Is there enough time to train? I'm currently at about 16 mile fitness, though a did a 22 miler in March. How much does it cost to enter?
  • Thanks Asa i might try that.

     Tom, i entered the Rome Marathon through the '209 events' website, they sort out the race entry and accommodation, you just need to sort out your flights.  If you take a look at this website all the prices will be on there.  Im currently at about 12 mile fitness, this will be my first marathon but i'm gonna train hard and get through it.  Hope this helps.

  • Can anyone advise me on where to stay and when to arrive, a day before, couple of days before? Who to fly with.
  • Gah! What is the best way to upload these documents?! They just won't go! has anyone contacted Rome organisers via their email - much sucess? This really is doing my head in! I've never known a run SO difficult to enter - I can only hope it's going to be amazing given all the trouble there is getting through...
  • Fancy this and the wife wants a few days of sight seeing., Any recomendations of hotels close to start/finish? ive checked out the flights and Ryan air aint bad from Stansted was about £180. for the 2 of us

  • I've had a medical recently for diving. So I need to do anything else for the health check?

    Really want to run this one image

  • hi i have also entered this race for 2011 and i will look forward  it, once i get my payment sorted out.

    the problem i have is, i tried to make payment with my card and it rejected it, then i used another card and again it also got rejected  again

    so i though i will enter another way and left it.  then later i went to my email address and seen that            two payment each for 40 euros has been taking out  of my bank accounts that i tried to enter with earlier.

    have any of you expericence this problem and if yes, how did you get your money back.

    thanks in advance

  • Yes! We have the same problem. Not that we paid twice but that we tried to enter twice, only got to the credit card part once (or so we thought) so we ended up with two protocollos (numbers?) neither of which say we've payed once you get to the private area! I tried to email them yesterday but no response so i'm going to try again. Getting a bit disillusioned with the whole thing image
  • There's no cutoff for Rome, you can register until close to race date.  The longer you wait, the more you'll pay however.  I would also start booking hotels asap, not much to choose from in terms of being close to the start/finish.  I'm arriving from US the Sat before then vacationing the week after the race.  Anyone run Rome b4?  I'm curious how busy the expo will be on Sat, the last thing I want to do is stand in long lines.

     I'm glad I registered early on and got my share of glitches out of the way!   It'll be so worth it in the end  image

  • Uploaded! We uploaded! Going to ring one of the travel companies for a hotel at the end of the month. Should be a doddle compared with actually registering for the event!

  • We need a roll call on who's headed to Roma, where your staying, and how many marathons you've run! image

    I'm coming from Philadelphia & staying at Nicolas Inn B&B near start/finish.   Roma will be marathon #11

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