Chariots of Plod..

Morning plodders.

Off to be the token slow person at my club run this morning. Probably will do about 8 miles.

Have a good day all


  • Enjoy. I'm having a rest day after yesterday's 10K race.
  • Well deserved rest Slo'boy, still waiting for you to change your name though. Smitch - will that be 15 miles in 2 days then ?!?!?!
    I take my hat off to you. Rest Day for me (hurrah!) after long plod yesterday. Have a good day racers.
  • Will plod this afternoon - probably more of a walk after not being well earlier in the week. Catching up with the washing and ironing now - is going away really worth the effort when there's piles of washing to be done on return? On balance, yes it was.
  • Morning, plodders.

    I did a slowish 12 miles in the heat yesterday afternoon, which I reckoned would be good practise for the Blackpool halfmarathon in a fortnight - not likely to be much shade running along the seafront, and the inevitable sea breeze (gale?) will also be dehydrating.

    I took my 500ml donut bottle and £1 in my keypocket - good job I did, cos I was parched by halfway and had to buy another 500ml water from the little shop/hut on the canal towpath that supplies the barge-people. A good lesson learned re water requirements!

    Plan to do around 8 miles today at practise halfmarathon pace - being STRICT about going off slowly, then settling into my target 10 min miles. Then again, I might have a nap...
  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭

    Just back from an 6.9 mile run and for the 1st time since doing a long run on a sunday ,made sure I paced and stayed in level 3-4 off my HRM and it worked i got further and did not feel so exhausted orI did not feel faint.

    Have a race Tuesday so the plan is too do the same until half way then I can speed it up.

    Welcome home Parddu don't envy you your ironing!!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • eurgh, ironing, I've got to do mine tonight.

    Club run was very nice, we did about 9 miles. It wasn't quite as leisurely as last week, but nice and cool out there.

    FLR - I did go out yesterday, but haven't done much plodding this week due to studying for horrible exam next week.
  • 4 miles slow plod inthe morning
    followed by 4 miles walk
  • Plodder here has two PBs in a week! Howwzat

    Beat my last year 5m time by two minutes on Tuesday and my 5k by 38 secs last night. After my bitter disappointment with my half in March I'm happy again :-))

    My mile average for the 5k was 10.0092 . I couldn't have done that if I had tried. So next time I'll go for that elusive 9 min mile. Well, it may turn out to be 9.5999999 min mile, but hey thats a 9 in my book!
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