Sports drink

Can anyone recommend a sports drink? I have been drinking lucosade body fuel but thinking about trying something else to give me a boost before i run

Quite confused by all the different types - any suggestions?


  • You shouldn't need a sports drink before you run.  If you want one during your longer runs then you've got loads to choose from and they're all pretty much the same.  The only real difference is the taste.  SIS drinks aren't strongly flavoured so you could try their PSP 22 or Go.  You can also make your own.  Water and orange juice (50/50) with a pinch of salt if you want some electrolytes.
  • Yeah, I use SIS go on the move.
    If I need a boost beforehand I just have a cup of tea with lots of sugar in it.
  • Personally I'll run for upto an hour with nothing.  Over that I just carry good old fashioned plain water and some gels if I need them.  The only sports drink I do have is a protien shake to help recovery after my longer runs.

     You should be hydrated enough, and have adequate energy stores to not need to take anything else on (including electrolytes!) for runs less than an hour in UK temp's.

  • If you need a boost beforehand, try some honey.  It's natural, unrefined sugar and easily digested.  If you can buy local honey, it'll help with any hayfever symptoms you may have, too  image
  • You shouldn't need to drink any before your run. You didn't say what sort of distance you are doing, I agree with above, that up to an hour you'll be ok. Personally I rarely drink anything unless I am running 20km or more. All the drinks on the market are pretty much the same so it's really down to personal taste and what suits you. Try out different brands to see. Luckily I can eat and drink almost anything offered during races with the exception of Isostar which gives me stomach cramps. Experiment to see what suits you and what doesn't.

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  • coffee swiftly followed by a zantac to stop the indigestion.
  • Ive been doing 9 - 10 miles - Im doing a half next week

    I see most of you dont bother with anything image

  • For psychological reasons I take a gel (SiS go) before and 1 during a half. It's my little ritual and i prob don't need them but it makes me happy so I keep doing it image
  • I still recommend taut.

    The standard energy drink is quite mild tasting and Taut Endurance is excellent if you are looking for something with salt.

    But generally I don't bother, might have a Lucozade Energy (the normal fizzy one) if I'm still flagging the next day.
  • Agree with Mr.W about DIY drinks - 50/50 water/juice and a pinch of salt is absolutely fine, and I take this if I'm carrying a bottle and running 1-2 hours. I use Nuun tablets if I'm running 2-3 hours off-road - they're easy to pop in your bladder pack and don't make it too disgusting to clean. As for carbs on the go, the SiS gels are brilliant - not too sweet, and give you a real boost. Apparently the caffeinated ones are like rocket fuel, but having dodgy guts at the best of times, I haven't been tempted!
  • I tried a caffeinated GO once - thankfully I was near home at the time........ I am sure they work for lots of peeps...... just not those with a delicate tummy
  • I'll second Nuun tablets.

    I sweat like a vicar in La Senza, over the summer doubly so. Anything over an hour running in the heat and I have one. Tri-berry is the nicest flavour in my opinion.
  • Came across this 'recipe' a wee while back and works a treat for meimage

    1 ltr water

    1/3 cup sugar

    1/4 tspn salt

    juice to taste

    Have it during a run if I'm going over an hour or so, but not really needed for shorter runs as previously said and its great on the fellsimage

    Cheap as chips as they say lolimage

  • none...its all marketing shite.

    whatever you normally drink will be fine.

  • If you're doing a half next week then now isn't the time to be changing. Don't change anything until after the race.
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